Confessions of a Norwex Consultant – Why I switched to e-cloth ®

Well, if you haven’t already heard, I officially resigned as a Norwex Consultant.

Are those GASPS I hear? Oh the shock! The horror! “Is she out of her mind?“, I hear you ask.

Well, possibly I am out of my mind – because I made a nice commission off all those high-priced Norwex products.  And lets face it, I LIKE the Norwex products. I like them a lot. Just ask my friends.

But you see, a nifty-thrifty little bird whispered in my ear “pssst. Hey, KATE, pssst. HEY, PSSSSSSSSST KATE! (sometimes I’m hard of hearing). You know, e-cloth® is just as good as Norwex but it’s so much cheaper.”

I ignored the little bird for a while. Then I started getting questions from my friendly blog readers (like you) about e-cloth® and I realized I simply must try it.

Well, it’s no secret now that I liked e-cloth® (check out my review of Norwex versus e-cloth® mops – that’s just the beginning). So just like the Remington guy, I liked e-cloth so much that I bought the company. OK, I did NOT buy the company, I just agreed to become an on-line retailer. I WISH I had bought the company.

Check out my new websites: & (They’re both the same site but I’m Canadian, eh? and HAD to get a little Canada in there).

Now obviously I’m not doing this for free. I still get a nice commission on my e-cloth® sales. But I can now sell it with peace of mind, knowing that my customers are getting a quality product, that will last for years, at a really fair price.

I’ve tried to be as honest and unbiased as possible with my Norwex Reviews and I like to think that my readers have gotten some valuable information out of them and that I’ve helped customers make an informed decision about the Norwex products. You all know by now that there are some Norwex products that I like (a LOT) and some that I don’t like and some that, well… are just too darned expensive for what they are.

I’ve gotten a lot of flack from other Norwex Consultants for some of my “bad” reviews (not necessarily HATE mail, but strong “dislike” mail), but hey, I like to be honest.

So believe me when I say that I firmly believe that e-cloth® products perform as well as, and are of equally high quality, as Norwex. I wouldn’t use them – or recommend them to my friends and family – if I didn’t like them. Of course there are some e-cloth® products that I’m not particularly fond of and I’ll let you know all about them as I get the time to write more posts. Keep your eyes posted here for future reviews.

So, an unfortunate part of my switch from Norwex to e-cloth is that I’ve got to go through my blog posts and get rid of the links to my old Norwex sales website. I’m doing it bit by bit. In the meantime, if you click on one, you’ll be directed to my new e-cloth site. I apologize for this but I’m doing my best to correct it.

In the meantime, if you have ANY questions about e-cloth® please feel free to check out or post a question here.

I truly look forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE: 2 July 2017

Due to very popular demand, here is a link to the information on selling e-cloth.


Question: Kate, do you get a commission or a reward of any kind for referring people to the IOR program?

Answer: No. But in the interest of full disclosure, I have been contracted by TADGreen Inc. to help new IOR’s get set up. This includes review of applications, advising on website development and compliance, and monitoring of websites/social media sites. I am paid for these services.

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132 Responses to Confessions of a Norwex Consultant – Why I switched to e-cloth ®

  1. teri kratochvil says:

    E cloths stink in 2 days no comparison I bought both Absolutely no comparison!!


  2. Katrina Wlad says:

    So, let me get this straight Kate. I’m trying to make a decision.
    You learned all of your MLM business & marketing skills, product information, Do’s and Don’ts PLUS PLUS PLUS from a great company with strong morals, values and credibility.
    Now you have taken this knowledge offered graciously to you with your sign on with Norwex and aligned yourself with the competition? Then, you post blogs to discredit the products of the previous company?
    Quite frankly, this doesn’t sit well with me. I’m trying to decide which company I’d like to sign under and after reading through all of this I now know who and which product I choose to be associated with and I’ll tell you this much, it won’t be starting with an ‘E’. I place a lot on integrity in people, business and those who I associate with. I’m not interested in joining a team where a ‘leader’ actually nothing more than a ‘Trojan Horse’.

    KC Wald


    • Sorry to disappoint Katrina, but frankly, I didn’t learn any marketing skills from Norwex. I signed up and was told to do parties. I never did a single party. I figured out internet sales all on my own, learned how to make and maintain websites on my own, learned how to blog and market myself (and products) on my own. Norwex gave me minimal information on their products and then through diligence and an extreme need to question, I pestered the tech people at Norwex and did a LOT of research on my own about every technical aspect I could think of until I got answers. Then I posted that info on my blog. I found it extremely difficult to get answers from Norwex and would often get varying answers on what I felt should be simple questions. In return, I sold their products. e-cloth is not a MLM company and after my experience with Norwex, there is not a chance I will ever join another.


  3. Sydnee says:

    I’m also have been approached about selling Norwex, and am now interested in ecloth. Could you send me info on selling ecloth?
    Thank you!


  4. Janine LeMar says:

    I am considering becoming a Norwex consultant but wanted info on selling ecloth. Could you please send me some info? Thanks.


  5. Marisha says:

    Kate, I have been researching selling for Norwex and found your blog with this post. I have been hung up on how expensive Norwex is even though I love the products. Thank you for your honesty. I would love the information on how to become an IOR for ecloth.


  6. Sarah says:

    I have been selling Norwex for years and do love it but I find the price high for a lot of customers. I purchased a couple ecloths and really like them. Do you find they last a long time and keep cleaning the same?

    I’d love info about selling them. Such a good price point for customers. Maybe people could buy more cloths and get rid of more harmful cleaners.



  7. Jaime says:

    Hi there I have a question about replacing my Norwex face cloths. I’ve noticed that I can use the enviro cloths to take off make up as well as the body cloths. I’m not really interested in the e cloth face mit as the Norwex body cloths are less expensive since you get 3 but would the regular e cloths take off makeup?


    • Jaime – yes, the ecloths will remove makeup BUT, you have to be careful with those cloths on your skin. They are very good exfoliaters and can rub your skin raw. The Norwex makeup cloths and e-cloth mitts have different fibers that are much more gentle and safer for your skin.


  8. Eileen Gannon says:

    Me too! I’e like more info about selling e-cloth. Thanks so much!!!!


  9. Laura LaBerteaux says:

    Hi! I’m new to norwex and have been considering selling it also. Can you email me some info too? I just bought my first clothes from norwex but will totes try the ecloth too. The price difference is just insane!


  10. Micaela Hess says:

    Question: when rinsing out your cloth, don’t you contaminate your hands with all the nasty germs that have been clinging to the fibers? I’m trying to figure this thing out. Thanks!


  11. Cindy says:

    Hi, there….Just stumbled upon your blog here and found it very interesting! I’m a fan of Norwex and even contemplated selling it, but as many have mentioned here, I find it quite expensive. I’m a bit intrigued by the e-cloth and would be interested in the business information. I’m also curious about the Nano cloth. Any info on that? Thanks for your work!


  12. April says:

    Hi I have been contemplating for a while now about selling Norwex but would love more info on the e-cloths. Could you send me some info on them. Thank you for sharing your information!.


  13. Kirstin says:

    I’d like more info on selling e-cloth


  14. Katie jane says:

    Can I also get some info on selling e cloth please?? Thanks a bunch!! 🙂


  15. April says:

    Hi! I am about to sign up to sell Norwex. I’ve been doing some research and just found this blog. I was 100% certain about it but now you have me skeptical to go through with it. I’ve never heard of e-cloth. I, personally, am not thrilled of the prices of Norwex but I feel that I can’t put a price on my families health. My husband is military so we move alot and becoming a rep would be an easy way for me to stay home with the kids and still contribute to the bills. Could you please email me and give me any advice as well as share info about e-cloth. Thank you!!


  16. Jenny says:

    I’m an e-cloth fan as well. I’ve looked through your site many times and agree with the others that it’s well written and researched. I’m also wondering about exploring selling e-cloth online if you are willing to share! Thank you!


  17. Terri says:

    Can you please send me information on selling e-cloth? Thank you!


  18. jrmclarty says:

    Could you send me some info on selling e-cloth? Is it an American company? Does it ship out of the States?


  19. Dawn Berezoski says:

    Hi Kate. I would also appreciate it if you could send me some info on selling ecloths myself. I just ordered some stuff from Norwex and, as you said, started then looking around at reviews and found your site. I would dearly love to be able to sell items and not have to worry about chemicals and such. Thanks very much!


  20. Toree says:

    Hey Kate!

    Could you send me the email too?


  21. Paige says:

    I was wondering if you can send me info of selling e-cloths? I was about to sign up to sell Norwex because I LOVE it! But then came across this doing some research. Seems better because I wasn’t sure I could leave my kids for so many nights to do all those parties. Ha! Also I’m wondering if e-cloth has any comparable cleaners or detergent like Norwex sells? I’ve really enjoyed the blue diamond cleaner, the toilet brush, the bathroom scrub mitt. Just wanted to see if they offer anything beyond cloths! Thanks in advance for your info!


    • Paige – I’ve emailed the info on selling ecloth to you. e-cloth has stayed away from cleansers and detergents – although we do have the Universal Stone, which is incredible. I have a couple of posts about it here on my blog. Just enter Universal Stone in the search box.


  22. Nicki W. says:

    Hello Kate,
    I like to clean with no chemicals as well, I have an Auto Immune disorder and get sick when I smell chemicals and fumes YUCK.
    I went to a Norwex party and was very impressed with the products. I did purchase 2 items, but the cost was quite costly…..I have been doing some research and came upon your site (because I am (was) thinking about becoming a consultant for Norwex) Could you send me information on selling E-Cloth.
    Thank You


  23. Janean Gross says:

    Hi there! Im invited to my first Norwex party next week so was trying to be smart & do some research before I get suckered into buying a ton of stuff at the party. Is there anyway you can email me your link to buying this ecloth from you? Im also very interested in picking up a side job to sell something. I only want to sell something that is healthy & a daily necessity. When I got invited to this NW party I thought that maybe this is my opportunity but honestly I dont feel comfortable pushing expensive products, no matter how much I love them and believe in them. We are a middle class family and I know how hard it can be for people to put money up front for expensive products when there are wayyyy cheaper versions out there. Anyway, can you please email me or contact me with any info! Id greatly appreciate it!



  24. Janet Powers says:

    Kate, would you send me information about selling e-cloths?


    • Janet – I’m sorry… I sent the info out to a whole pile of people last month but I’m not sure if I sent it to you or not. If I didn’t, please let me know and I’ll do it right away!


  25. Sydnee says:

    I love to read your blog about ecloths and how they work and such! You have a lot of great information about this subject, which is wonderful for me since I seem to always second guessing myself about how and what to do. If you ever decide to write an ebook on Everything you want/need to know about ecloths, or something like that, I will be first in line to buy it! 🙂 Somehow, I still seem confused about how to really go about it all. Anyway, thanks for all your information! 🙂 I’ll continue to read all your posts and comments until you release your book. 😉


  26. Maggie says:

    Hi! I know this post was a couple of years ago, but IF it is still possible to sell ecloth individually (I wanted to maybe sell them at my local farmers market, but please let me know if this is still relevant), could you send me some more information? Thanks! 🙂


  27. Gwen Pechta says:

    Hi Kate,

    I recently purchased some Norwex cloths and Loved them. I was thinking of selling them then I started doing research and found the E-Cloth which is much more affordable. Can you provide me eith information On how I would go about seeking E-Cloths. I am all about green products and not using chemicals. Thank you for any information you can provide.


  28. Elysia says:

    Well hello! So happy to have found your site. I’ve read a lot about using microfiber cloths for cleansing your face & removing makeup. There seem to be so many different types though. I have combo but often dry, very sensitive, acne-prone skin (I actually have a terrible rash right now that I’m trying to heal after reacting to a “natural” cleanser). I’m also interested for my mom, who has normal, 60+yr old skin. For her, it’d be esp for removing makeup at night when she’s too tired to do the whole oil-cleansing routine. I saw the e-cloth now has a facial mitt but it’s $15! I’d rather use one of the cheaper cloths but not sure which one(s) would be best. There are so many different ones with different textures and made out of different materials. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!!


    • HI Elysia. the e-cloth facial mitt is really, really, nice! You’re right, it IS a bit pricey but it’ll last you years and it’s reversable (you can turn it inside out and use the inside too). The biggest complaint/concern I get about it is the colour. People afraid it’ll show stains. But I’ve had mine for over a year and the stains have always come out. It isn’t quite as nice ivory as it used to be though.

      Some people DO use the General Purpose or Glass & Polishing cloth on their face and have been happy with it. But you have to be careful with that as the cloths are VERY drying on the skin and some people get a nasty reaction. If you’re going to give them a try, I’d suggest using it only a couple of times per week to begin with and work up gradually to make sure your skin is ok with it. The Glass & Polishing cloth would definitely be more gentle but you still have to be careful.


      • Elysia says:

        Thanks for the reply 🙂 What about the dusting cloth? I’m going to be ordering online so can’t feel them in person.
        Thanks again!


        • Are you wondering about the dusting cloth to use as a face cloth? No can do. It’s a different material (100% polyester instead of a polyester/polyamide mix) and only works when dry. Well, you could try it damp on your face but… I… don’t… know… about… that… 😉


          • Elysia says:

            Yes, that’s what I was wondering 🙂 Guess that’s why they’re cheaper! I’ll try the glass one you suggested. Thanks!!


  29. Norwex_sceptic says:

    For years I avoided Norwex products because everyone raved about the antibacterial properties of the silver cleaning the surface, and while I know that silver kills bacteria I couldn’t figure out how the silver got from the cloth to the surface, and I thought it was all a marketing scam.

    Anyway a close friend just became a Norwex consultant so I ended up going to her party, and against my better judgement got involved in a discussion about how the silver thing worked. But I bought a cloth, and the oven cleaner anyway, and I do think they are both awesome.

    I’ve just found your text on how the silver in the cloth works. You’ve written it really well, in a way that everyone understands. I’ve sent it to my friend who is promising to educate people correctly in the use of their cloths when she sells them. I really think Norwex should provide this literature with every cloth they sell, but hey, I’m a chemistry major, not a marketeer.


  30. Terri Buchanan says:

    Hi Kate! Just found your website, can you send me your email address, I have some questions regarding selling e-cloths. Thank you!


  31. Sarah says:

    I found your site while looking up norwex because im unfamiliar with any of these products. Im glad I found this page & will definitely be referencing more before I order norwex because it looks like ecloths are similar but priced better and the whole silver thing I don’t really care for. Thx for the info. 🙂


  32. Denise Schulz says:

    I am glad that I have read your blog. It’s good to know that the silver really is not doing anything. What I want to know is if you have heard of these cloths helping with acne. We have tried so many things for my daughters acne that I thought I would look into this.


    • Hi Denise – I’ve had quite a number of emails and comments from people that have used Norwex and e-cloths to treat acne. Most have had success but it’s worth noting that it seems to take a week or two for your skin to get used to the new method of care and acne actually seems to get worse for that period. Here are a couple of other thoughts:
      1) a lot of people use the e-cloth General Purpose cloth for face washing. You have to be a bit careful with this in the beginning as it can be very drying on the skin due to the nature of the fibers. But, it’s very effective for skin cleaning and exfoliating. (The Norwex Enviro cloth and Body Cloths are essentially the same)
      2) e-cloth recently came out with a “body” line. The face washing mitt is very nice and it’s extremely gentle on the skin. You can use it with or without soap and it has the same great facial cleaning ability as the General Purpose cloth. It has a kind of suede feel to it. e-cloth also has an exfoliating mitt which is WONDERFUL. Because it’s so new, I haven not received any feedback on the e-cloth face mitt for helping with acne, but I’ve heard amazing things about the Norwex makeup removal cloths for acne and it is a very similar weave.


      • Diane Laney says:

        Kate, I’m worried that you are telling people that the silver in the Envirocloth essentially does nothing. That is simply not true. And the e cloth will make your skin worse while your face gets used to it? From day one of using the Norwex body cloth my skin improved drastically. It took care of all of my problem areas. The body cloth was my very first cloth and I am sold. My daughter’s acne cleared up amazingly well and did not have an increase of acne as you say happens with the e cloth as the face adjusts. I don’t understand how you can compare the two cloths after such a statement. I’m sure the e cloth does a good job of cleaning things up, but it bothers me that all c-cloth consultants use Norwex to get sales by comparing the two cloths. It’s like comparing apples to bananas. They are not the same cloth. Now your professional cloths do have silver in them and cost virtually the same as Norwex cloths. Interesting that you will try and tell us the consumers that silver is not needed, yet you do sell them to businesses, why? Because it works. IT WORKS and is amazing. I need a product that will pick up the bacteria and other bad stuff and not only hold it in, but not reproduce and will self-purify as it dries hung out. I need to be assured that when my kids (and husband) don’t follow the directions of rinsing out and hanging up, that my cloth is not turning into a breeding ground. With the silver, I am guaranteed this. The e cloth cannot do this for me.


        • Diane – thank you for your comment but I’ve got to correct/address several items:
          1) My comments on the Norwex (or e-cloth) making your skin worse before it gets better is based on comments I’ve received from DOZENS of people that have commented to me about it. Obviously we all have different skin and that may not happen to everyone (like you) but I feel it’s in the reader’s best interest to know that the possibility of an “adjustment” period exists.
          2) I compare Norwex and e-cloth products for two reasons: (a) because that’s what the people want and (b) because I used to be a Norwex consultant, I know both products well. I compare comparable cloths in my reviews and blog entries. If someone asks me “can I use a General Purpose or Enviro cloth for my face”, I provide that info and my opinions in the comments section. Please don’t confuse the two.
          3) Professional e-cloths do NOT have silver in them. We discontinued adding silver to Pro cloths 2 years ago because it simply is NOT needed. And the price is NOT almost the same. $11.99 Pro VS $16.99 Enviro. The Pro cloth is recommended for janitorial/professional cleaning. For regular, household cleaning, the General Purpose cloth is only $7.99
          4) Regardless of whether a cloth has silver in it or not, if I find a cloth that my kids have used balled up and not hanging properly, I either launder it or rinse it and hang it to dry properly – or watch as my kids do it. I continue to train them – luckily my husband knows the routine so his training is over.


  33. cjpb says:

    I didn’t see any “travel” size general purpose cloths on your e-cloth store. I’ve loved the ones from Norwex for wiping up my kids’ faces after meals/snacks. Does e-cloth have something similar, and I just happened to not see it? Or, alternatively, what are your thoughts on using the same general purpose e-cloth that I use on my kitchen counters (as long as I’m not cleaning anything too grody, like meat juices) on my kids’ faces?


    • cjpb – I have harped on and on to the powers that be at e-cloth to Pa-leeeeeeeease get some smaller cloths for wiping little hands and faces. Unfortunately e-cloth doesn’t offer anything like that. But I do have hope for the future.

      I have used a General Purpose cloth on my boys’ hands and faces. I once used one that I’d used in the kitchen and afterwards I asked myself “would I wipe MY face with something I wiped the counter with?”. That kinda grossed me out so I haven’t done it again. I’m sure it’s fine but it gave me the heebie-jeebies.


  34. Chelsea says:

    I noticed this blog as I am researching ecloths vs Norwex. A year after switching to ecloths, I am wondering if you have learned any more about the differences between the two companies. So far I can just see that ecloths are more affordable (but also most don’t have silver), and Norwex is more quality. Any tips or information you can share?


    • Hi Chelsea – Well, I’ve been using e-cloths almost exclusively for over a year now and can say they’re still working fabulously. I still have a couple of Norwex cloths that are in the rotation bu they’re about at their end.

      I’m not sure what you mean by Norwex being more quality as that’s certainly not what I’ve found. The Norwex mop handle is a bit more sturdy but that’s not to say that the e-cloth one isn’t sturdy – it most definitely is. And as for the cloths, the e-cloth quality matches or exceeds Norwex in my opinion.

      As for the companies. Norwex is a multi-level-marketing company that sells through home parties. e-cloth are sold in a few stores and otherwise online by distributors like myself.

      You’re right about the price. e-cloth is most definitely cheaper!

      e-cloth no longer produces cloths with silver for three main reasons:
      1) the silver in no way impacts the cleaning ability of the cloths
      2) the silver adds an extra cost to the consumer and a great deal of confusion
      3) adding silver to the cloths is an added strain on the environment.


      • Lorraine says:

        what stores in Canada can you find the e-cloth. I would like to purchase in store instead of paying S/H if possible.


        • Hi Lorraine – e-cloth is sold primarily online. You can find select items in some specialty stores (although I don’t have a list or any idea of what stores – sorry) and I do occasionally see discontinued stock (mostly old colours) at Winners from time to time. You can get the mop online from but they charge $59.99 so the money you save in shipping, you pay in the added price (it’s only $39.99 on my site). I do know a few people that have bought the mop from sears and just a word of warning that the picture they present is a little misleading as it shows the “dusting” pad (which you use for sweeping/dusting). The mop actually comes with the “damp” pad. To my knowledge, Sears does not offer the Dusting Pad. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.


      • Ella says:

        So, do you mean that the silver element that supposedly auto-clean itself and draws the dirt to it is not a true or relevant promise to the Norwex products? I went to a party last week and that’s what it was advertised to me.


        • Ella – I’m not disputing that the silver kills some bacteria. It will. I don’t know if it actually “draws” bacteria to it though. My point is that e-cloth® has had tests done that show if you rinse your e-cloth® after you use it (and you should do this regardless of whether it has silver in it or not), the water will rinse over 99% of the bacteria out so there really is no need for the silver. Please note that I’m referring to e-cloth® here as they have had tests done on this. It’s likely the same for Norwex cloths but I’m not aware of any similar testing that they have done.

          Also, the term “auto-clean” is a bit misleading. Silver will kill bacteria but you still need to rinse and launder the cloth regularly to release the dirt, grease and grime.


  35. LB says:

    Great information. I have been invited to a Norwex party then came across ecloth on a trip to USA. Better priced and sounds like equivalent in results.


    • Thanks LB! If you ever have any questions about the e-cloth products, feel free to ask.


      • Lorraine says:

        Can you use the general purpose cloth to clean the bathroom tub/shower or should you use the bathroom cloth? I am wondering which one is best?


        • Hi Lorraine – The bathroom e-cloth is essentially the same as the General Purpose cloth only it’s a bit more plush. So it holds more water and gets at the grout between small tiles better. You can use either cloth for your shower/tub but if you have a tiled surround, you may prefer the bathroom cloth.


      • Lorraine says:

        I am confused about the Glass and Polishing cloth versus the Window Cleaning cloth. Are they the same ?


        • Lorraine – Good question. The Glass & Polishing cloth and the Window Cloth are completely different. You can use the Glass & Polishing cloth to clean windows and mirrors but if they’re excessively dirty (like if you’re cleaning outside windows), or the sills are really dusty/grimey, you’ll want to wipe them with the Window Cloth first.

          The Window Cloth has a waffle-weave and a finished edge. It’s meant for getting the tough dirt on windows, sills, and mirrors. You can use a General Purpose cloth instead bu the Window cloth has been found to perform better on windows than the General Purpose cloth.

          The Glass & Polishing cloth has a very silky feel to it and a very fine weave. The nature of this fabric does not allow it to be finished along the edge so it’s crimped. It works well to clean slightly dirty windows and mirrors and for polishing anything shiny like glass stovetops, granite counters, chrome, jewelry, silverware, etc.


  36. Char says:

    Hi Kate, I wanted to let you know, I was invited to a Norwex party and after I got the book, I searched the web to see all about the product. I stumbled upon your website and I’m so glad I did. I bought the eCloths based on your website! Now, if I would only be home to clean my house I could tell you how I like them. 🙂 haha! Actually, I’ve used some of them once and so far, I LOVE ‘EM!! Can you give me more information about selling them?


  37. He he he, not that it matters, I see you replied to a comment on the 21st 🙂 I am interested in talking to you about ecloth selling.


  38. Brooke says:

    What is your opinion on the Norwex toothbrush.. Do you think it’s worth the money? I was introduced to Norwex a month ago and loved the idea but couldn’t get over the cost so I tried ecloth and have been in heaven with it.. It has changed my life and I love it!! I just wish they had more stuff to buy.. I do have the body cloth for my face from Norwex and love it, is there a cloth that’s the same that has the 1/100 hair and that won’t be too harsh for my face?


    • Brooke – I’m sorry, I have no idea about the toothbrush. It always seemed hokey to me but then I hear a lot of good comments on it so it must work.

      e-cloth is coming out with a body line – hopefully next month (March 2013) – that will include a gentle face mitt. If you’re in a hurry to get something though, the Norwex makeup removal cloths are fantastic and not as harsh on your face as the body cloths. I found them a bit small but really nice and gentle on the skin.

      I’ll email newsletter subscribers when the e-cloth body products are available so if you’re interested, enter your email address in the “join our newsletter” box on the left hand side of this page.


      • Andrea W says:

        I wanted to comment on the Norwex toothbrush: it’s quite fantastic. Teeth feel totally clean, and I don’t get strep throat anymore (2 years of Norwex toothbrushes, no strep – pre-Norwex, strep 2x a year). I consider that a huge win. Also I’m a toothbrush “flayer” meaning I brush too hard and my toothbrush gets all flayed out and useless in 3 months or so. With the Norwex toothbrush this didn’t happen for 12 months. Another win! You have to be a bit careful with kids – the head snaps in and out – so it could be a choking hazard. Also I find there’s mold under the head if I leave it on more than 3 months without snapping it out to clean inside. Gee-ross!


  39. Cara says:

    Just came across your page while doing research about Norwex. What are your thoughts about the floor mops? Does one perform better than the other?


    • Hi Cara. Thanks for the question. If you look around my blog I think you’ll find lots of good information. I wrote a post comparing the e-cloth® and Norwex mops some time ago. You can find it here.


      • Cara says:

        Hi Kate, Thanks for the quick reply! I found the post for the mops and more. I really appreciate all your honest reviews! So glad I did some research before spending my hubby’s hard earned money! Now what to do about my best friends upcoming Norwex party….


        • No problem, Cara. Best friend’s norwex party, eh? Hmmm. My trick for any kind of home party is to go without my wallet. That way I have an honest excuse for not buying anything and I don’t jump in over my head. Lets face it, those home party gals are GREAT salespeople. And the Norwex stuff is also great. It’s hard to resist. So go without your wallet then go home and think about what you really want need. They can leave the party open for a few days to give you time to think about things before you commit to buying. Norwex has a lot of cleaning solution products that e-cloth doesn’t. The descaler and oven cleaner are worth a look at. Pricey but great products. You could get a couple of the cleaners then come on over to to get your microfiber 😉


  40. Rebecca says:

    Do you have an ECloth that cleans your face like the Norwex cloths? My friend uses the Norwex brand and loves them….but I came across your blog and would like to save money….really on a budget. My skin is pretty bad right now. Hers cleared up quickly with the Norwex cloth…would these do the same?


    • Hi Rebecca. Norwex has a few different “body and face” cloths. The body and baby wash cloths are smaller in size but a bit more plush than the Norwex Enviro Cloth. These cloths are recommended for use only 3-4 times/week (max one time/day) as they can be quite drying but they do a great job of cleaning and exfoliating (I use them several times/day – more than recommended, I know – on my sons’ hands after meals and snacks). The Norwex Makeup Removal cloths have a more “suede” feel and can be used daily.

      At this time e-cloth does not offer cloths for body washing however, the e-cloth bathroom cloth is similar in “plushness” (and of equal quality) to the Norwex Body cloths. Of course the general purpose cloth would work as well. But like the Norwex body cloths, I would recommend not using these more than once a day (and start at a couple of times per week to see how your skin reacts).

      I hope this helps. Let me know if you have more questions.


  41. TAS says:

    Obviously imitation is the truest form of flattery….


  42. Zan says:

    I was considering selling Norwex after attending a party last night. Do you sell e cloths as a business, just like Norwex?


  43. Vanna says:

    Hi!!! So I have recently decided to become a Norwex consultant mainly because I want the products, but I don’t want to pay the full price for them!! AFTER sending in that app and hours of research, I found your blog and kind of have a sour feeling in my gut now from hearing about the e-cloth and the fact that the silver in the Norwex cloths are basically useless. Basically, I wonder if I made the right decision! I was completely convinced that it was better to have that silver in the micro fiber to help rid of that bacteria in them. My consultant actually licked the enviro cloth that she used to wipe the raw chicken juices! I was also stoked by hearing that I wouldn’t have to wash my norwex cloths as often as ones without the “antibac.” So you are basically saying that for household use, we SHOULD be washing our antibac cloths just as often as the ones that aren’t? I am pretty sad to hear this as I was looking forward to being a bit lazy about some of my cleaning! LOL. I just want what they told me without getting my family or I sick! So maybe this really isn’t my dream come true? There’s no such thing as a cleaning cloth that cleans itself?? So bummed!! I think I will have to test this out on my own though. I am pretty sure my consultant used a cloth that hadn’t been washed in a while to clean up that raw chicken and she still detected no proteins. I mean, I know I would wash my cloth if it looked and/or smelled completely disgusting, but I was hoping to maybe wash my antibac cloths that I used in like the bathroom maybe once a week or 2 depending on the mess.I have heard people not washing their enviro cloth for MONTHS!! So that’s not safe? I just want to be telling my customers the right stuff! I still believe Norwex products are great, but I feel I MUST do as much research as I can before I launch this to my family and friends. Thank you so much for your time on this stuff. It’s really inspiring to me to hear the TRUTH on how you feel about this and not some sales pitch. 🙂


    • Vanna – Don’t worry. I know you’re going to love your Norwex products. Just beware that there are some Norwex consultants out there that don’t have their facts straight. Don’t let that be you! I’m not saying I know everything but I try to keep myself updated. Norwex offers lots of help through webinars, old text files, and a hotline for consultants. Make sure you use them.

      The truth is, the Norwex “antibac” products are good. The microfiber is amazing and is very effective for cleaning surfaces. I just don’t want people to put too much confidence in the “antibac” feature. The cloths have to be laundered, like any cloth. Perhaps not as frequently as your old cotton kitchen cloth, but still frequently. You’ve probably already read on my blog somewhere that I think the antibac silver features gives people a false sense of security. It’s important to remember that it’s the microfiber that does the cleaning. The silver kills bacteria once it’s in the cloth and there are times when there will be more bacteria in the cloth than the silver can handle.

      If you haven’t already, PLEASE read my post on how the silver works in microfiber cloths. I mention a bit on when to launder your cloths in that post.

      I like to err on the safe side so I launder my cloths frequently and I hand wash them in hot water in the sink with some dish soap (or a bit of detergent) after almost every use.

      I know that people are going months without laundering their Norwex cloths. In my opinion that’s a mistake. Sure, they won’t get stinky like cotton cloths, but they do get loaded with dirt and bacteria.

      Good luck with your Norwex venture. If you’re ever thinking of a switch to e-cloth, let me know ;o)


      • Vanna says:

        Thank you so much, Kate!! You are very informative!! I knew it was too good to be true, but the fact that you don’t have to wash them right away unless they get super soiled is a pretty great feature. I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t giving my customers false information and have someone get really sick from a contaminated surface. I’m one of those crazy germaphoebes that used to keep hand sanitizer in my pocket and Clorox wipes in my purse LOL. I am so grateful there are people out there like you who are so helpful and informative! Thank you so much! 🙂


  44. Allison says:

    So, when you say “if you’re washing your microfiber cloths regularly, you do not need the silver” – how regularly are we talking?
    I’ve just recently purchased my first Norwex products and I’m so paranoid about how often I have to wash them to make sure they are still doing their job.
    I really have enjoyed your blog and all the great reviews on Norwex products. I look forward to hearing more about Ecloth products as well!


    • Allison – Knowing when to wash your microfiber cloths is a bit of a judgement call on your part and depends on what you’ve been cleaning with them. If you haven’t already, please read my post on how the silver in microfiber cloths works. There’s a bit there on when you absolutely MUST wash your microfiber cloth with or without/silver.

      I have a houseful of microfiber cloths and I use them for everything. But mainly, I’m using them in the kitchen and the bathroom. Personally, if I use the microfiber cloth wet, I rinse it after every use in hot water and a bit of dish soap. Typically, I agitate the water a bit and then leave it to sit in the sink for a while (like if I wiped the bathroom counter, I rinse and soak it until the next time I’m in that bathroom) then I rinse to get the soap out. Monday is bathroom cleaning day here and I always launder my bathroom cloths after that. If I ever wipe up anything around the toilet, I launder it. It’s similar in the kitchen. Unless I’ve been dealing with raw meat or eggs, I just give the cloth a good soak in the sink with hot water (sometimes I pour boiling water in there to really open the fibers) and dish soap. The cloths in my kitchen get a lot of use so I usually change them at least 2 times per week.

      This is my cleaning regime regardless of whether the cloths are “antibac” with silver or not.

      I hope this helps.


  45. Susan says:

    I have just been introduced to Norwex products by a family member who loves the glass cleaner cloths and also the facecloth for acne prone skin. Before ordering any product I searched for reviews and came across your blog. Seeing those black labs gave you instant credibility for me so I wanted to ask about the Norwex face/body cloths. I couldn’t see any of those in the e-cloth line.


    • Hi Susan. Aren’t my dogs gorgeous? Hee hee. That was taken a few years ago. They’re getting a little gray around the muzzle now and slowing down. Poor old lovely dogs.

      Unfortunately e-cloth is not selling face/body cloths. We’re sticking to cleaning cloths for the time being.

      I use the baby body cloths on my two kids after meals and they work great. I’ve also used them to wash my face occasionally. I recommend only using them 2-3 times/week on your face as they’ll do some exfoliating and can be very drying on the skin. If you’re looking for a cloth to use daily on your face, the makeup removal cloth is good.

      If you ever need any cleaning cloths, you know where to come ;o)


  46. Cloth Diaper Guru says:

    So excited to read your blog! I just had my first Norwex party (we have a relative who is a consultant now), and I love the products. But wow… yes they are expensive :(. We do all green cleaning at our house, and I’ve been doing things that way for many years (without Norwex!). It will be great to get some more cleaning ideas, and gift ideas.


    • Cloth Diaper Guru – I’ll be interested to hear any comments (good or bad) you have about your Norwex products. As for the expense… YUP. Even when I was a Norwex consultant and with a good discount, the products were still more expensive than e-cloth full price.


  47. AristoCrat says:

    I use Norwex cloths and e-cloths and also Enjo cloths. I wash any cloths I use every couple of days, and interestingly the Norwex ones (the only ones with silver in them) STINK to the HIGHEST of heaven even so, and have to be boiled from time to time. Why is that, I wonder, when the other cloths (without silver) don’t?

    Aside from the fact that the silver doesn’t kill bacteria on the surface like people think it does, there’s the issue of the environmental responsibility of adding silver to a cloth. This takes more environmental resources to do, and it isn’t even necessary. I don’t know if I like the idea of a silver cloth at all: plain old (high quality) microfiber gets rid of the bacteria. It appears e-cloth now offers both options (probably to compete based on people’s misperception of what silver is supposed to do). Given what I see as the sheer wastefulness of resources in adding silver to a cloth, combined with the extra money it costs to buy one, added to the fact that the silver really doesn’t DO anything useful, I would definitely opt for the cloth without silver.


    • Aristocrat – thanks for your comment. Interesting about your stinky norwex cloths. Are they still under the 2 year warranty? The biggest contributor to the stink is soap buildup so if you’re using your cloths with soap (or soapy water) they’ll need to be boiled/washed more frequently. I’ve got a post that discusses the use of soap with Norwex cloths. But if you’re not using your cloths with soap and you’re finding them stinky, I’d contact your consultant and get replacements.

      PS – I am 100% in agreement with your 2nd paragraph. There is a HUGE misconception about how the silver works (see my post about the Norwex silver)

      And also, e-cloth addresses the environmental concerns associated with adding silver to microfiber quite well, I think (scroll down the page of this link a bit). They’re argument is that ALL e-cloth microfiber removes over 99% of bacteria and that the silver cloths are best reserved commercial applications where the cloths aren’t laundered as frequently.


      • Cloth Diaper Guru says:

        Agreed on the Norwex silver comment- many of my relatives were convinced that the silver was cleaning all their home surfaces (not true!). There is some truth to it’s use in self cleaning purposes (within the cloth), as silver is a component in medical devices like catheters.


  48. Emily says:

    I use both Norwex and e-cloth as well, but I’m sticking with Norwex Envirocloths for now because I like knowing that the silver is killing bacteria, and my understanding is that Norwex uses microsilver in their cloths, not nanosilver like the professional grade e-cloth. Although people freak out over the most ridiculous things, it does appear that microsilver is less likely to cause harm to humans than nanosilver. What are your thoughts?


    • Emily – thanks for the comment. There is a very popular misconception about the silver in the Norwex cloths. You may already know this but it is important to remember that the silver in the Norwex cloths only kills bacteria in the cloth – NOT ON THE SURFACE THAT YOU ARE CLEANING. If you haven’t read my post about how the silver works, you (or anyone reading this) may want to take a look at it.

      The silver in the Professional e-cloth ® (and the Norwex cloths) does not contribute to the removal of bacteria from the surface that’s being cleaned: it’s the microfiber itself that does this! It’s the microfiber itself that dries quickly and therefore naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria. The silver only acts to speed up the killing of bacteria.

      It is my opinion that if you’re washing your microfiber cloths regularly, you do NOT NEED THE SILVER. Plus, I believe the silver gives the user a false sense of security. They think “hey, my cloth is killing bacteria so I never have to wash it”. But the truth is, the cloths can hold more bacteria than the silver is able to kill. So, just like the cloths without silver, it’s important to wash your Antibacterial cloths regularly.

      Anyway, tech-stuff aside, the silver in the e-cloth antibacterial (Professional) cloths is added under very high temperatures and embedded into the fibers. We (you and I) cannot possibly get the cloths that hot – even when we boil them – and will never open the fibers enough for the silver to “escape”.

      Thanks again for your comment. Happy Cleaning!



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