Norwex shipping rates are going up. Waaaaaaaay UP!

Norwex shipping rates are going up! But e-cloth® still offers FREE SHIPPING in Continental US and cheap flat rates to CANADA.

e-cloth® microfiber cloths can’t be beat and are waaaaaaaaaay cheaper than Norwex. With free shipping, a 300 wash guarantee, and scientific testing to back them up, what are you waiting for?


In case you’re interested, the new Norwex shipping rates are:

New Norwex Shipping Rates - Effective April 1, 2012

New Norwex Shipping Rates - Effective April 1, 2012

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8 Responses to Norwex shipping rates are going up. Waaaaaaaay UP!

  1. Karen says:

    I’m surprised you’re saying e cloth has “cheap flat rates to Canada”! The Canadian rate that I was just quoted on your site was $36! I was very interested in purchasing the mop and a few of the cloths to try, but would never pay that much to ship it to me! Norwex shipping rates have gone up (even again since you first posted this), but currently is $13 for the same value!


    • This is an OLD post, Karen. But thanks for mentioning it – I’ve got to update it a bit. e-cloth still offers free shipping within the US (even Hawaii now) but USPS raised their international rates some time after I posted this and rates to Canada more than doubled! If my fellow Canadians are interested in e-cloth products though – I secretly suggest that you take a look at I don’t make any money off of those sales but I do want you to save money on great products.


  2. Bonnie ward says:

    I too like norwex products but just can’t see paying 5.95 for shipping when item is very light in weight. We were not informed at a party of the shipping either, a big shock.


  3. Christa says:

    I was at a party recently and the shipping rate was $6.95 for every person who placed an order. There was not a discount for the order being placed at the party. I remember that days when at a product party the consultant would put in one order for all of the party guests (so there was less total shipping cost as compared to every order being shipped separately) and then deliver the products.


  4. Carrie says:

    I bought only the cloth and the dish soap at my 1st Norwex party the other week and I was charged $5.95 in shipping. That was my biggest disappointment. The girl who did the demo did not disclose there would be a shipping fee until I was writing my check. And it seemed unethical that every person at the same party got charged a shipping fee. I continued with my order with fingers crossed that it will be worth it!


    • Carrie – yes the shipping does add a bit to your total, doesn’t it – especially if you’re only ordering one item. Here in Canada, I was always amazed at how low the Norwex shipping rates were (because it costs a small fortune to ship anything here) but I’m sure they’re a bit of a shock to anyone in the States. I agree that the consultant should disclose the shipping rates beforehand though. It’s a bit awkward when you’re in the process of writing the cheque. Do you happen to recall what the party shipping rates were? There’s a comment from Jeni that they’re different for parties from what I’ve posted above.


  5. Jeni says:

    Prices are different if you purchase from a party 😉



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