E-cloth Mop Versus Norwex Mop Review – Which Microfiber Mop is the Best? Is the Norwex Mop Worth the Money?

IN A NUTSHELL: The e-cloth mop handle doesn’t feel as sturdy as the Norwex handle and the mop pads are thinner, but after weeks of at least twice-daily use, the e-cloth microfiber mop proves to work as well as the Norwex mop at just over half the price.

I’ve decided to kick off my e-cloth vs  Norwex review posts with the big ticket item: the mop. Looking at the stats on my blog (yes, I am a geek), I can see that “is the Norwex mop worth it?” is THE most popular question that brings people to my blog.

If you’ve read my Norwex reviews, then you know that I’m a big fan of the Norwex mop but I find it incredibly expensive. I realize that in the long run, you’ll get your money’s worth, but $120 is a LOT of money to fork out for a mop! I’ve had friends and family ask about it but I just can’t sell it to them at that cost. So I’m always on the lookout for an equally great mop at a better price that I’ll feed good about recommending.


Well, I’m reviewing and comparing what I own, which is:

  1. NORWEX – Large mop with the superior dry mop pad and the Antibac wet mop pad (total cost = $123.99 CDN – if you substitute the “dry mop pad” for the “superior dry pad”, the cost goes down to $99.99) and
  2. e-cloth – mop (it only comes in one size – which is the same as the large Norwex mop) with the dust pad and wet mop pad (total cost = $53.98)

NOTE: Norwex sells two different types of dry mop pad: (a) the “superior” pad which has the typical microfiber feel and is a polyester/polyamide mix and (b) the “dry mop pad”, which is 100% polyester and while still microfiber, has a more fleecy feel. The e-cloth dust pad is more like (b) the Norwex “dry mop pad” than (a) the “superior pad”. Technically, I should compare apples to apples but hey, I’m comparing what I’ve got.


Well, I’ve got to admit, my point system is pretty subjective and is based on how and what I – that’s me, NOT YOU – clean. I’ve tried to keep my personal preferences related to aesthetics/feel out of it and based the points on how the mops work in MY house.

So lets get to it.


The e-cloth mop was the first product I tested from the big box of e-cloth products that arrived at my door.  Pulling it out of the box, the e-cloth mop looked a lot like the Norwex mop:

e-cloth versus norwex mop - mop bases are practically identical

The bases of the e-cloth and Norwex mops are practically identical!

  • The e-cloth base is almost identical to the Norwex base except it doesn’t have the locking feature that stops the swivel action of the base. I don’t use the locking feature on the Norwex mop so no points here.
  • The e-cloth handle is lighter weight and doesn’t feel as sturdy as the Norwex handle, but it doesn’t feel cheap. I’ve put a lot of weight on it and it’s definitely strong. Maybe a 1/2 point for Norwex here.
  • Both the e-cloth and Norwex handles are telescopic.

    e-cloth versus Norwex mop - Both are telescopic

    e-cloth (left) and Norwex (right) mops – both have telescopic handles but no rotating ball on the e-cloth mop.

  • The e-cloth handle does NOT have the rotating ball at the top. I’ve come to appreciate that ball so it was a bit of an adjustment to switch to the e-cloth handle but I got over that after the first use. But I’m still going to give Norwex 1/2 point.
  • I can slide the e-cloth mop under my fridge and stove. I can’t do that with the Norwex mop. At first I was bewildered as to why but then, looking at the base, you can see that the e-cloth base has a groove in it that holds the bracket that the handle attaches to. That shallow groove lowers the bracket just enough to allow the mop into those hard to get at areas. This is worth 3 points for e-cloth in my opinion because now I don’t have to move my fridge and/or stove to clean under them. (OK, you caught me, since moving our kitchen to it’s current location 6 years ago, I’ve never cleaned under my stove or fridge. But that was because I had to move them. Just imagine the gunk that came out on the e-cloth mop. Wish I had thought to take a picture. It was disgusting.)


Pulling the dust pad out of the box, I was a bit skeptical. It seemed flimsy and thin. It isn’t as plush and it’s a bit shorter than the large Norwex dry mop pad.

Any doubts I had about the e-cloth dry mop pad disappeared as soon as I started using it.

e-cloth and Norwex mop pads

From left to right: very dirty e-cloth dusting pad, Norwex dry pad, Norwex wet pad, e-cloth wet pad

e-cloth versus Norwex Mops with Wet Pads

e-cloth (top) versus Norwex (bottom) mops with wet pads.

  • The e-cloth dry mop pad is AS effective as the Norwex one at picking up fine dust (like drywall dust, pet dander, dirt, etc.)
  • The e-cloth dry mop pad is actually better than the Norwex Superior one at picking up larger, non-static particles like sand, apple seeds, Rice Crispies etc. It doesn’t get them all – but you’ll see from my review that the Norwex mop doesn’t pick these up at all. 1/2 bonus point for e-cloth.
  • The e-cloth dry mop also seems to pick up dog hair better. The Norwex mop is great for “rounding up” the hair. When you move the mop in a figure-eight motion (as recommended by Norwex and e-cloth), the mop gathers all the hair in front of it and then you kind of scoop it up by flipping the mop head up. The e-cloth mop is the same except more hair seems to actually stick to the pad and it’s not as tricky to lift the mop up and bring the hair with it. At least, this is the case with the mountains of coarse hair shed by my two Labrador Retrievers. It may be different with more feathery hair like that from a Golden Retreiver. 1/2 point for e-cloth.
  • The e-cloth pad is thinner and seems a bit flimsy compared the Norwex dry pad but that doesn’t seem to impact it’s performance. I can’t award any points here since the “feel” is more aesthetic than functional.
  • Aside from the cost, the complaint I hear most frequently from owners of the Norwex mop is that it does NOT get into corners. I know what the problem is but I’m struggling to find a way to describe it in words. If I think of a clear way to describe it, I’ll add it here later. In the mean-time, lets just say that the Norwex pad is just a bit too bulky.

I get around this problem a bit by pushing the mop pad over to one side on the base so that one side is almost flush with the edge of the base.  This kind of works, but then I’ve got a lot of extra pad on the other side that tends to flop around a bit.

Because the e-cloth pad is thinner, it’s less bulky and you can get the pointy corner of the base right into the corners. This is a bit hard to explain, but you can trust me that I can get the e-cloth mop into corners better than my Norwex mop. It’s not perfect but I find it to be far better in corners than the Nowex mop. 1/2 point for e-cloth.

  • One feature that I really like about the Norwex mop is that it overhangs the base by a couple of inches so that it can be pushed up against walls to dust/mop the baseboards. Although the e-cloth pads are about the same length, they aren’t tapered so it doesn’t overhang the base as much along the long side of the base. Consequently, the e-cloth mop doesn’t clean as much of the baseboards as my Norwex mop (Note: this may not be a problem in newer homes where the baseboards are thinner – but I’m in a 140 year old home with 10 inch baseboards so I need all the help I can get!). 1 point for Norwex.

Also, with the thinner pads, I have to be a bit more careful around my baseboards furniture with softwood legs with the e-cloth mop to make sure the pointy corner of the base doesn’t dent the wood. So far it hasn’t been an issue. 1 point for Norwex.


  • Like the dry pad, the e-cloth wet mop pad is not quite as plush as the large Norwex wet mop pad. I can’t award any points here because the plushness doesn’t seem to matter.
  • I can’t see any difference in the way the e-cloth and Norwex wet mops clean up sticky and wet messes.
    1. They’re both amazing at cleaning dried up (or still wet) dog drool, spills, marker, food, muddy dog prints, dried up yogurt, cooking oil and grease, syrup, etc.
    2. They both leave my floors streak-free.
    3. They both pick up any dust/hair/bits that were left behind by the dry mop pads
  • the Norwex wet mop pad is “antibac”. I can tell by the emails and comments I get that this is a WIDELY misunderstood feature of the Norwex products (if you’re not sure what “antibac” means or how it works, please read my post on how silver in microfiber works). I’ll give Norwex 1/2 point for this but in my opinion, if you’re laundering your mop pad regularly and as instructed, the antibac feature is not necessary and gives you a false state of confidence in your mop.
  • e-cloth offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and guarantees their microfiber products for 300 washes. If you wash your mop pads once per week, that’s 5 and 3/4 years. The Norwex warranty is 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee and a 2 year warranty. 1 point for e-cloth.


So lets see, cost aside, what are we at?

Aaaaaaaaaaack!?!?! e-cloth wins? Wait now, that can’t be right.

Perhaps I was too generous in my points to e-cloth for the “it cleans under my stove and fridge” points. Lets knock that down from 3 points to 1. Then it’s a tie, right? 3.5 to 3.5.

But then I HAVE to factor in the cost. Even if you go for the non-superior Norwex mop package, it’s $99.99. That’s still $46 more than e-cloth.

This is NOT going to make me any friends at Norwex.

OH, just one last point worth mentioning. If you didn’t gather from the pictures. The e-cloth pads will fit on the Norwex mop and vice versa. Just sayin’.

Update: June 2012

The e-cloth mop was rated Best Washable Microfiber Mop by REAL SIMPLE Magazine as a part of their “The Definitive Cleaning Products Road Test” article in the May, 2012 issue and was featured on the Today Show in the same month!

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89 Responses to E-cloth Mop Versus Norwex Mop Review – Which Microfiber Mop is the Best? Is the Norwex Mop Worth the Money?

  1. Happy Texan says:

    Hi Kate! I want to buy the E-cloth mop after reading your review, but I can’t find anywhere that sells the dust cloth for the mop. Has the product line changed since this review? If so, what do you do now? The Deep Clean mop and the Flexi-Edge floor duster? I’m not sure whether I need to buy two separate mops or if I’m just misunderstanding.


    • Sadly… VERY sadly in my opinion, e-cloth discontinued the dust pad for the deep clean mop. We now have the “flexi-head mop” for dusting. I keep nagging but no on that counts is listening.


  2. Nikki says:

    Do you still feel that the ecloth mop does just as good if not better than the norwex mop? Do you know if the norwex envirowand fits onto the ecloth mop?

    Thanks in advance!


  3. Tatiana says:

    Thank you for such a resourceful blog! I thought I’d provide my feedback. I am not representing Norwex or E-cloth, just a regular consumer out there who has products from both. I also have the e-cloth mop. And while I am very impressed with how well it cleans the floors, I think the telescopic handle design is cheap. And this may be the reason why it’s cheaper than Norwex after all. I bought my e-cloth mop about 4 months ago at Whole Foods here in Canada. I use it about 6-8 times a month in a 2-bedroom apartment. After two months, the handle started making a squeaky noise. I tried to play with it by extending the handle to different length but the noise remains regardless. It doesn’t affect the mop head but it’s not fun to hear this noise. When I contacted E-cloth USA Canada in effort of trying to figure out the cause of it, the answer was ‘sometimes it just happens. Just use WD40 and see if it may help’. With all due respect, this would be an appropriate answer for a mop from a dollar store but not for a 50-dollar mop. I am thinking about buying a replacement as I really like how it cleans the floor but leaning towards Norwex this time as you get what you pay for is often true.


    • Tatiana – that was actually me that you emailed (eclothusa.com). When you emailed me, it was 5 pm here in Ontario and I was rushing around cooking dinner for my 2 little monsters. I like to respond to emails right away and rather than making you wait until the next day, I quickly sent the response.

      I like to tell it like it is, which you’ve probably noticed is what I strive for on this blog. Actually, I think I even mention in my blog post comparing the Norwex and e-cloth mops that the ecloth handle isn’t as sturdy. (but it’s still very strong). In any case, the truth of the matter is that the “squeaky” does sometimes happen. I’ve got 2 ecloth mops. 1 started squeaking about 6 months after I got it. The other (which is now 4 years old) has never squeaked. A little WD-40 fixes the squeak.

      Of course, if you aren’t happy with your mop, you can just take it back to the store where you bought it.


  4. meduna2013 says:

    How do you clean the dry mop head? I have a Norwex mop and I bought the rubber brush that they sell to clean it and it works great? I am thinking of giving a mop as a gift and the price makes the ecloth mop attractive. and is the dry mop made of microfibers like the Norwex one?


    • Meduna2013 – the e-cloth dust mop head is essentially the same as the Norwex Dry Mop pad (not the Superior pad), so it’s 100% polyester and the fibers are woven into a mesh instead of being a “fabric” like the Norwex Superior mop. The 100% polyester makes it better at picking up dust and you can use a rubber brush on it but… do so gently. The rubber can pull the fibers out of the mesh. So use light, flicks with the brush instead of a long brushing along the entire length of the pad. you may still see some fibers coming loose but not enough to impact the performance of the pad. I use a rubber brush on my e-cloth pad and it’s 4 years old now, still working great.

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  5. Emily says:

    Also, how does ecloth work for hand drying? Do they get rid of germs on hands? And do they have any travel size ones?


    • Emily, I asked the CEO this exact question one time. The thought is that the e-cloths will remove bacteria from hands BUT, because hands are textured and curved and wouldn’t be wiped in a generally specific way (like a counter would for instance), e-cloth can’t make any guarantees about bacteria/germ removal from hands/skin. We don’t have a travel size one. Sorry 😦


  6. Emily says:

    LOVE all of this thank you so much! So neither mop has a squirt function for the water? Are you supposed to rinse it out several times during mopping or how does that work? And how do you clean out the dry mop? Still with water? Also, are they velcro? I have a generic lowes mop that squires water or solution and the mop heads just velcro to the bottom. I’m wondering if the ecloths would fit on it? Thanks!


    • Hi Emily – yes, the idea is that you’ll rinse it as needed. You’ll get a sense of how often you need to rinse it the more you use it. The rooms in my house are all roughly 14 ft x 14 ft and I rinse after every room. I have 2 damp pads so I have one soaking in the sink/bucket while I use the other then switch. The main ecloth site is doing a trial run on a mop with a squirt function. I don’t have one and haven’t tried it so can’t comment, but here is the link to the Aqua Spray Mop in case you’re interested.

      For cleaning the dry mop pad – I wrote a post with several suggestions on it a while back. Here’s the link to that.

      The pads themselves do not have velcro on them but they do attach to the mop with velcro. The back of the pad just sticks to the velcro.


  7. sdwething says:

    I have spent almost an hour reading this blog entery and comments…And now I’m overwhelmed with info!! I found your blog after searching pros and cons or Norwex because I have been invited to a party tomorrow and wanted to be a bit informed on the products before I arrived. Can you tell me where to begin on purchasing? Not from Norwex…but from you worth e-cloths. I am all about trying to save money and would like to try with purchasing from you. Also, how do you become a sales rep for e-cloths like you?

    Thank you for your help! I look forward to getting your honest opinion!


    • sdwething: I’m glad to hear my blog posts were of some help to you. I totally understand it being overwhelming. The thing to remember is that e-cloths can essentially be pared down to two: (1) General Purpose cloth and (2) Glass & Polishing cloth. All other cloths are essentially just variations on these, made slightly different to address specific cleaning tasks (eg. longer fibers on the bathroom cloth to make it more absorbent, scrubbers on the Kitchen and Range cloths for removing cooked on messes, etc.).

      I usually suggest people start with a 4 or 5 General Purpose cloths and 1 or 2 Glass & Polishing cloths. Give them a try and then if you need something more “specialized” for certain areas, you can take a look at some of the other cloths. The Starter Pack is fantastic for people just getting started.

      You can purchase from my website: eclothusa.com


  8. Eswar says:

    Thankyou so much for the detailed review and comparison between the ecloth mop and the Norwex mop. I would like to know if the Norwex mop that has a Dry Mop Pad made of 100% polyester is better than the Dry Superior Mop Pad which is made up of 100% microfiber in terms of dusting. Which one of these is statically charged to pick up the smallest particles of dirt, hair crumbs and more? Also which one of these Norwex dry mop pads is similar to the dry mop pad that the ecloth mop has? Please let me know.


    • Eswar – from a static/electrical charge standpoint, the 100% polyester pad should pick up more dust. Neither pad is great at picking up big crumbs or pieces of cereal but as long as you move the mop in a figure-8 motion (with one side always leading), the non-static stuff will remain along the leading edge and you can just scoop it all up when you’re done. The Norwex Dry Mop pad (NOT the Superior one) is similar to the e-cloth dusting pad.


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  10. Dawnmarie says:

    I was eager to read this but now cannot take your review as seriously as I would like to because of your inconsistent awarding of points. You mostly gave Norwex halves when it performed better and in one category gave ecloth a three. Also, when someone showed you a video of how the silver in Norwex cloths make them clean more efficiently, you dismissed that person. Your review seems biased, so I still do not feel like I have a clear comparison.


    • Dawnmarie – as I mentioned in the review, my point-giving system was entirely subjective, based on what is important to me. I tried to give a detailed review of the features of each mop that I like and dislike so that others – like you – could make an informed decision without having to make a purchase first. Obviously people can award points in any way they want and maybe my review gives them a bit of a checklist of features to consider. For instance if having a rotating ball at the top of your mop is important, feel free to make that worth 10 points. I’ve also had some people mention that they can get the Norwex mop under their fridge/stove so obviously their points would be awarded differently. The bottom line is that in my opinion, the e-cloth and norwex mops perform almost identically.

      BTW, if you read right down to the bottom, you’ll notice that I even knocked off the 3 points that I gave the e-cloth mop, which made it a tie in points, but based on the price and

      As you’ll see around the blog, I give rave reviews for most Norwex products. They work well, but I personally find the ecloths to work just as well at a fraction of the cost. Silver in microfiber cloths does not make them clean better and that’s why I generally dismiss comments of that nature.


  11. Evie says:

    How well does the ecloth mop work on stone (travertine in specific)? I am also a single income family with 2 kids and need something to easily clean up after my boys and husband.


    • Evie – the ecloth mop works wonderfully on all hard surface floors, including travertine. I highly recommend using the white dusting mop pad first to get most of dust/dirt/hair. I typically use the dusting pad once or twice a day and then just damp-mop once a week (more during muddy seasons).


  12. Lisa says:

    Hi, could the dry mop pad be used when wet, and vice versa? I am debating whether to purchase the dry or wet mop pad. What makes the dry mop pad more suited for dusting / sweeping, and wet one for its’ purposes? I’m assuming both are made of the same proportions of polyester / polyamide – curious to know what distinguishes the two. Thanks!

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    • Hi Lisa – with the e-cloth mop, you actually get a wet pad with the mop so you would only need to purchase the dry pad separately. The e-cloth dust pad is 100% polyester and has a completely different feel to it from the damp pad. It is very “fuzzy”. The 100% polyester has a stronger static charge to attract dust. I have not tried it damp but I have gone across wet spots on the floor with it and it just dragged and left the dirt behind. The damp pad, meanwhile is not great at holding on to dust. The fibers seem to be in more spaced out rows.

      This is by no means a technical analysis – just my observations. If you can only afford one, I’d go for the damp pad and use an old fashioned broom or vacuum to sweep the floors beforehand. But then… I use the dust pad 2-3 times/day so I can’t imagine living without it.


  13. Hi! My big remaining question, is whether the e-cloth mop disinfects the surfaces you clean? With muddy boots, winter salt, fertilizers on sandals and any other contaminants that make their way into our house, with little ones crawling and playing, I want to get rid of these effectively!


    • Radiant Laughs – to me, “disinfect” means “kill bacteria”. Microfiber works by picking up and removing bacteria from a surface (not killing it). You then get rid of the bacteria by rinsing it out of the cloth/mop.

      That being said, the e-cloth mop is fantastic for removing dirt, dust, hair etc. And the damp mop pad will remove over 99% of bacteria from your floors. Any muddy messes or stuck on stuff will also be picked up by the mop. I highly recommend using the Dust mop Pad first to get rid of dust and dry particles. Then follow up with the damp pad.

      One thing to note (and I think I mentioned it in the post but can’t remember now), the mop will not pick up particles that don’t contain a static charge (like sand or cereal). So if it’s little balls of fertilizer, the mop likely won’t pick it up. But if you’re thinking more along the lines of someone walking through the garden/lawn that has fertilizer in it, any footprints left in the house will definitely be cleaned up by the mop.

      For an example. I have a dog that leaves muddy footprints all over our house in the spring. I have tackled these in 2 ways: The “lazy” way – I wait until the prints are dry and then I use the dry mop pad and they’re GONE! and the “I’m on it” way – I use the damp mop pad right away and… they’re gone.


      • Diane Laney says:

        Independent tests have been ran on both microfiber without and with silver and while the microfiber alone did great, the Norwex did do better. Microfiber alone did not remove the 99% you are toting. It removed 84%. Now this is way better than the all purpose cleaner and the paper towel that cleaned 0%. Norwex however, cleaned the e coli bacteria off at 92%. Here’s a link to see this independent test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mKQMIcnTy8

        This being said, I have not thrown out any of my old microfiber cloths. These are awesome. (I have thrown out all my old washcloths though.) They are still great. However, for washing off my kitchen surfaces, I will only use my Norwex. I want to insure that my germs will not grow in my cloth. The silver in my Norwex insures this. ecloth cannot make this claim.


        • Diane – I just watched that video and left a comment on it. I’m sorry, but it’s just so very misleading that I can’t recommend that anyone watch it.

          The main premise of their “test” is that the silver in the Norwex cloth is removing some of the bacteria. The only way they could have effectively shown that in the video would be to use 2 almost identical cloths (i.e., same manufacturer, same quality, same fiber count, etc.) – differing only in that one would have silver in it and the other would not.

          Unfortunately, in the video test, she has a Norwex cloth (with silver) and a “generic” cloth that does not have silver.

          The key to Norwex working so well is the thinness of the fibers, the number of fibers and the quality of the materials. The reason it (or ecloth) works better than many “generic” brands is that it has more, thinner fibers made of higher quality materials. It has absolutely nothing to do with the silver.

          Most likely, the reason the Norwex cloth performed better in the test, isn’t because it has silver in it, but because it has more and thinner fibers.

          Case in point: e-cloth has had very extensive lab testing completed by an internationally recognized company. The tests showed that e-cloths picked up over 99% of bacteria. Further, the testing was completed at a time when e-cloth offered a cloth with silver in it and it was tested as well. The tests showed that there was NO DIFFERENCE in bacteria removal between the cloths with and without silver. They BOTH removed over 99%.

          Silver in a microfiber cloth only works to kill bacteria IN THE CLOTH. The silver in your Norwex cloth does NOT help to remove bacteria from a surface or kill bacteria on a surface.

          Incidentally, e-cloth did further testing to show that after a brief rinse, over 99% of bacteria in the cloth is rinsed out so really, there is no need for the silver.

          All that being said, the Norwex cloths are great and they work very well. I just urge people to educate themselves on how the silver works and ask whether it’s really necessary.


          • Diane Laney says:

            No, a misinformed consultant said the silver removed bacteria. However, if you continue to watch, the independent lab technician clears that up by saying that it only inhibits growth. That statement did not effect the results of the lab tests. I’m not saying that microfiber cloths without silver is not good. 84% is amazing compared with what the alternative is. However, if you are honest, you have to admit that the ability for silver to inhibit growth is an advantage (and deserves 3 points if you are being honest) and one I am willing to pay for. Having said this, I have not thrown away any of my regular microfiber cloths. I still use them. I just don’t expect them to inhibit bacteria growth and use them accordingly.


          • Oh, I watched the whole thing. I’m giving the consultant the benefit of the doubt and assuming that she knows her stuff but got tripped up on the question. It’s the following quote that bothers me:

            Brigette “Fischer (sp?) is the Microbiology Lab Co-ordinator at the University of Memphis and she says that the silver inside the Norwex cloth won’t kill bacteria but yes, it should remove it – at least some of it – from a surface.”

            Now whether those are her words or Andy’s, I’m not sure. He says that’s what she says but perhaps he mixed up her words. In any case, it just isn’t correct.

            I can admit that silver inhibiting growth of bacteria IN THE CLOTH (because that’s the only place that it’s doing it) is an advantage if you’re using it somewhere that you don’t have a reliable source of running water (which will rinse all the bacteria out) or if you’re keeping a damp cloth in a baggie. Like maybe if you’re camping or something. For regular household cleaning, lets just agree to disagree. 🙂


  14. Michele says:

    So you’re saying that the norwex dry mop cloth will fit into the ecloth mop head?


  15. Janis Werner says:

    I am going to a Norwex party Thursday. I may buy a couple of cloths but after reading your blog and reviews plan to give E-Cloths a chance. I have tile in my kitchen and bathrooms and like that Norwex sells a specific pad for that. However, I did not see that E Cloth does. Does the E Cloth Mop work ok on tile? Thanks!


    • Hi Janis – I asked a close friend of mine (she also just happens to be a Norwex Consultant) for her opinion on the new Norwex tile mop pad. Mostly, I was interested in knowing whether it got down into the grout better than the regular Norwex (or ecloth) pad. Apparently it’s better at getting sticky stuff off of tile (like dried up dog drool) but no better at getting down to the grout between tiles. Overall, I find both the e-cloth and Norwex mop pads to work well on my tiles – but the fibers aren’t long enough to really scrub the grout.


  16. vienna says:

    Hi Kate,
    Have you been able to find out if the Norwex brackets fit the e-cloth mops? 🙂
    Thanx for your help.


  17. Amanda says:

    I am a little confused by the different mop pads. People keep using ‘dry’ pad and ‘wet’ pad, but I’ve only been able to find the ‘wet’ pad and ‘dust’ pad, is the dust pad the dry pad? And which does the mop come with originally?

    I’ve also read a lot of negative on the mop’s effectiveness, particularly in the kitchen with removing spots or grease stains. Is that where the special technique for using the mop comes in?

    I’m an avid cook, and I use a lot of healthy fats, so my kitchen builds up grease like crazy! I also have two cats, so I’m trying to find the best option for my hardwood floors and my personal health. I’ve been branching out into making my own house hold cleaners, and I know that ecloth and norwex both advertise the need for only water, but I have my doubts. Do you use any cleaners in combination with your norwex/ecloth, either homemade or store bought?


    • Amanda – please excuse my tardy response. I have not been on top of my blog correspondence lately. I’m sorry.

      They Dry pad is the “dust” pad and it is white. I use the two words interchangeably. The e-cloth mop comes with the damp (or I also call it wet) mop pad. It’s blue.

      You would would use the dry/dust pad instead of sweeping. It’s also great for dusting walls, ceilings, trim, stairs, etc.

      I’m curious about where you’ve read the negative feedback on the e-cloth mop’s effectiveness. I continue to be very happy with mine and have yet to receive a single negative comment. Like all e-cloths, the damp/wet pad is amazing at cleaning grease and oil when used damp. Stubborn spots on the floor can quickly be removed by pushing with your foot on the mop base to give it a little extra “umph”.

      I think you will be amazed the first time you use an e-cloth at how well it cleans grease and grime. And it truly only needs water. When the surface is really dirty (or built up grease on the walls around the stove), the cloth will “drag” but that’s because it’s working.

      I have been almost completely “cleaner” free for 3 years. The only cleaners I have are (1) for the oven and (2) for the toilet. I occasionally use vinegar to get rid of hard water and lime build-up.

      If you’re looking to give e-cloth a try, right now is a great time because we’ve got the 2 for 1 sale on the General Purpose and Glass & Polishing cloths. It’s a relatively cheap way to see how well they work. These are the cloths that I recommend to all first time users as you can clean almost anything with them. e-cloth also offers several “specialty” cloths but I don’t recommend people try those until they see what the General Purpose cloths can do. You can see the 2 for 1 sale items here.


  18. Caroline says:

    I’m so glad to have found your Norwex reviews and, in the process, an alternative product in e-cloth! I love many Norwex products and have been using for years–do NOT love the cost, however. I was just about to bite the bullet and get the Norwex mop system too (like, was going to order it from my rep this weekend). Whew! Dodged a bullet! I live in Canada and realize I’ll have to pony up an extra $20 to ship the package but it’ll still be considerably less than Norwex. I also have a sheddy, drooly, Lab so I am excited to see how his dried spit comes off the hardwood, and how easily I can clean my walls.


  19. Heather says:

    I’m thinking about purchasing the dry mop pads. But I’m worried they won’t work as well after being washed. Do you just dry brush them? Also I was have the dusting cloth…but same issue (i have never used it) I wonder how charged it will stay after washing? Any experience ?
    FYI Kate, I think you are awesome . You are honest and straight forward . I think some people’s comments are rude. Really , I think ecloth is by far comparable and a better price. Yet people seem to need to throw in their unneeded comments. Just sayin.


    • Heather – I don’t think you have to be worried. I’ve been using my e-cloth dry mop pad for a year and it still works amazingly (but like my reviews say, if you’re trying to clean up non-static items, it doesn’t pick it up, that’s why you should move the mop in a figure-8 motion). Ditto for my dusting cloths, which I use a LOT! I brush them all off after I use them and then use them again and again until they’re just too dirty looking. Just remember no fabric softener!

      Your kind words are appreciated. I’m in agreement with your thoughts on some of the comments I’ve gotten lately. I have some sitting in my “in box” that I haven’t approved yet. I hate to sensor people but I do delete the odd comment. Some people write comments that they’d never say to a person’s face and like you said, some people just need to have their thoughts out there on the net for all to see.


      • Heather says:

        Thanks for your quick response! I have recommended your site to several friends and family members. My mom thought e-cloths were a joke until I asked to go clean her mirror in her bathroom mirror. (No butter or lipstick demo…just the usual toothpaste splatter.) Finally she saw the light!!! She was amazed what she could do with water. Thanks again for your wonderful posts and honest/candid reviews. I totally trust and your opinions and LOVE reading your blog. Heather


      • Lynne says:

        For your dusting cloths – what do you brush them off with?


        • Lynne – I have a Norwex Rubber Brush that I use sometimes. I’ve seen VERY similar ones on amazon for about $5 (just search for rubber brush or rubber pet brush). But… most of the time, I just shake it off outside and then launder it. I can usually dust my whole house with the 2 cloths that come in the e-cloth 2-pack without having to shake them off until I’m done. I fold the cloth in half and then in half again so I have a small square and 8 sides of the cloth that I can use.


  20. beth says:

    Do the norwex brackets fit on the e cloth mop?


  21. Marie says:

    I suppose I am not understanding some of the details of HOW the mop works, here. But with my sponge and cloth mops, eventually they dry out, so I dunk them back in the bucket of water. And sometimes the floors are very dirty and muddy, so the mop is dirty, and back in the bucket it goes. How does that work with these mops? Do I have to rinse it under the sink? I love the thought of the damp mop rather than wet mop for my hardwood floors… but I can’t picture how it is going to last for all the rooms in my house.


    • Hi Marie – sorry for the late response, I’ve been on holiday and away from my computer. With the e-cloth (or Norwex) mop, you slightly dampen it and mop. You’re right, it will lose moisture as you mop so it may be necessary to re-dampen. If it has become really dirty, then rinse it in hot water in the sink then wring it out and keep mopping. The beauty of the microfiber is that it traps the dirt so even though it looks dirty, it won’t release the dirt back onto the floor. But there are times at my house (like in the spring and fall) when the dog comes in and walks through the entire house with muddy feet and I usually have to rinse the mop pad out at least once when I clean that mess.

      Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me with any other questions.


      • Ester wiens says:

        You can also use a spray bottle of just plain water, if your mop is dry, and spray the floor before you mop it. I’m thinking that wouldn’t work as great if you have a lot of mud…?


  22. E. Anderson says:

    I attended a Norwex party and spent plenty of money. The demos were beyond impressive.
    Shortly thereafter I began looking for info on the Internet both negative and positive. Thus stumbling onto your blog. Great info and comparison. Being impressed and having not received my Norwex order I spent more money to get the ecloth.
    The package arrived within a few days, no I didn’t buy it from you, sorry. I used the ecloth on 1/2 of many surfaces. Had to really use a ton of “elbow grease” to get noticeable results. This did not make me into a believer.
    Norwex products finally arrived. Used the enviro cloth on the other half of surfaces where ecloth
    was used. Not only was it much easier, more crud came off when rewiped with Norwex product.

    Results: Norwex is much kinder to old, arthritic hands and does a superior job of removing
    Caked on grease, fingerprints, limescale buildup, grout from kitchen stainless steel sink,
    an obscene amount of dust and whatever else they touched.
    I signed up to be a consultant as well. It is extremely difficult to impress someone my
    age with any cleaning products. Norwex is fantastic!

    I will happily continue to read your blog. Thanks for providing info, it sure helped my choice.

    E. Anderson


    • Hi E. Anderson. Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond: time has been getting away from me.

      I was surprised to hear that didn’t find the ecloths effective (and that you didn’t buy them from me?!? hee hee). We want everyone to be happy with what they buy though so please feel free to return them (just contact the retailer you bought them from) for a refund. I use my Norwex and e-cloth products side-by-side and interchangeably and have never encountered the issue that you had. But different strokes for different folks.

      I wish you luck with Norwex. Even if you don’t end up selling any, at least you’ll get some great products at a discount.


  23. Katie says:

    Hi Kate,

    Does the e-cloth mop pass the white sock test? I have a Rubbermaid microfiber mop, but even when I use a cleaner like Bona to mop with, our white socks end up almost black the very next day after I mopped. I am considering spending the extra $ to buy an e-cloth mop, but not sure if it is worth it 🙂 My husband said that my toddler just tracks in too much dirt, but I assure you that this is not the case here!

    Thank you!


    • Katie – here’s the thing. I’ve got a dog. A large dog that goes in and out several times/day. A dog who absolutely refuses to wipe her feet when she comes in. I use the dry mop pad 1-3 times/day (usually 3) to get dog hair and dried up doggy prints and whatever the kids have done. That cleans the floor pretty well but probably wouldn’t pass the white-sock test. Better than a broom or vacuum but I suspect anyone who was silly enough to walk around my house without slippers on would get some dirty socks (not to mention very cold feet).

      The damp mop pad on the other hand would definitely pass it. My problem is that I only bring that out once or twice per week. If you’re diligent about damp mopping, you’re going to have very clean floors indeed.

      Here’s a test. Do you have any of the e-cloths (General Purpose, Kitchen, Stainless Steel, etc.)? Try hand-washing a part of your floor. Just slightly dampen the cloth and wipe. This will give you very similar results to those of the Damp Mop Pad. If that works for you, then go ahead and get them mop!

      One thing worth noting if you do try the hand-washing. Many floor cleaners (I don’t know if Bona is like this or not) will leave a polish/residue/protective coating on your floor. The e-cloths (and the damp mop pad) will slowly take that away (a good thing) but it will cause the cloth to drag a bit so the wiping may take a bit of effort. Over time, as you continue to use the e-cloth, the polish or whatever will be removed and it will be easier to wipe/mop.

      Hope this helps. Please let me know!


    • norine says:

      You reduce the effeciveness of the microfiber cloth if you use a cleaner, unless this Bona is an enzyme cleaner. Just water does work very well!


  24. I love your blog! (Spent WAAAAY too much time reading all your past blogs today.)
    We have the uneven slate tile all throughout our home. Will the mop work on this type of floors?
    Thank you! ❤


    • Hi Diana – It’s actual slate, right? Not ceramic/porcelain made to look like slate? We considered that for our mudroom and the floor guy said it was important to “dust mop” it regularly to prevent any grit from accumulating. I think the e-cloth dust mop would be great on it but I wonder about all the little sharp(ish) edges on the slate. For the most part, the pad will be fine but it might snag on the edges of the slate and I could see how that would get annoying. I’m just thinking (typing) out loud here – I haven’t tried it on slate, personally. The damp pad has a completely different feel/texture and I don’t think you’d have that snagging problem.
      Hope this helps. Feel free to ask me more.


    • Heather says:

      Hey, I am looking for the answer to this question too! My house has a lot of slate and I do not feel like I have much luck with many mops. I am wondering if you go this mop and what your thoughts are? Thanks!


  25. Thanks for the info – just went to a Norwex party tonight and really wanted the mop, but couldn’t get myself to spend that much money. I did buy the cloths though (seems like I could have gotten a better deal at ecloth, but oh well) and I’m excited to try this whole mirco-fiber cleaning thing.

    Thanks for your reviews!!! Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies


    • Breezy Pink Daisies – I’m sure you’ll love your Norwex products. Now you know where to come when you’re ready to buy a mop at reasonable price! If you haven’t read it already, I’ve got a good comparison post of the e-cloth and Norwex mops on my blog. You should be able to find it through the “ecloth versus Norwex” link at the top of the page.


  26. Lisa says:

    Thank you for comparing the mops. I already purchased an e-cloth mop because of the drastic difference in price. I feel confident that I will love it when it arrives! Blessings


  27. Hilary says:

    just a couple points that may have affected your points awarded 😉 Norwex guarantees their microfiber for 500 washings (e-cloth 300) and it is a fair trade company. And the Norwex mop does get under many stoves and refrigerators – I’d say more often than not, actually, so I hope people know that is just your stove and refrigerator. And lastly, the silver in the pad is useful to prevent odors from developing. Yes if you wash it immediately after each use, you will likely not have an issue, but the Norwex mop pads are made to handle multiple uses before washing in the washing machine (you do rinse it out after each use). I really appreciate your pointing out that this is only your opinion/experience and having a very “real person” style of writing your review.


    • Hilary – thanks for the comment. Did Norwex recently change their guarantee because it was only ever advertised as 2 years when I was a consultant (up to March of this year). Either way, it’s a good guarantee. The only problem I have with the Norwex guarantee is that based on comments and requests that I get on this blog, people are having trouble getting replacements or refunds from Norwex because of some (obviously not you) negligent consultants or consultants that have quit and refuse to help. I get several such requests a month and I give them some tips but I’m kind of limited in what I can do at this point. I wish Norwex would advertise a one-stop refund/return process to make it easier for these customers. Not that the Norwex products are failing that regularly (I only ever had 2 issues when I was a consultant) – but I’m surprised by the number of people that contact me.

      As for the Norwex mop getting under appliances, I’d love to see that. I should post a picture of my stove and fridge. Our floors are EXTREMELY uneven in this house (I joke, but it’s true that you can put a ball down on our floor and it will circle around the house for 5 minutes). Part of the joys of living in an old stone house, I guess. In any case, the front legs on our appliances are “jacked” up on shims to make them level and I still can’t get the Norwex mop under them. But I’m sure it is possible for some people. Can you get it under yours?

      Like the Norwex mop, if you rinse the e-cloth damp mop pad after you use it and hang it to dry, like you would any mop, it will dry quickly and you can use it several times before actually having to launder it. The beauty of any good microfiber is that it dries quickly, inhibiting bacterial growth. Typically, I give mine a quick brush off with a rubber brush (the Norwex one, I might add) before I rinse it to avoid getting dog hair in my sink.

      Thanks again for your comment. If you have a chance, let me know about that 500 washings guarantee.


  28. s says:

    why ARE Norwex products so expensive? Is it the 35% mark up?


    • Well, Norwex is a Multi-level-marketing company so no only are you paying for the commission of the person you buy from, you’re also paying commissions for everyone above that person. Not to mention the “gifts” hostesses get. Obviously Norwex isn’t just going to give stuff away so some of the high price has to go toward paying for those gifts. And of course there’s all the marketing and corporate expenses that have to be paid for that are normal to any business.


      • Acrophile says:

        Then how do you make money selling ecloths? Don’t they pay you a commission for your sales? Who got you into that? Do they make a percentage based on what you sell? If Ecloth is comparable in quality to Norwex, and pays those who sell it, but costs significantly less, that cost has to be cut from somewhere. Where? Do the two companies have similar fair labor requirements for their factory workers? Where is the cost difference coming from?


        • Acrophile – I think it’s obvious that I’m not selling e-cloth for free. I do get a commission on every e-cloth sale I make. But there is no-one “above” me (other than the distributor) making money from my sales. There are probably other factors, but this is a significant reason why it can be sold much more cheaply than Norwex. Norwex is sold through a Multi-level-marketing program. So a consultant has a party and makes a commission on every sale. But the person above that consultant (and the person above that person, and so forth) also gets a commission. Also, the host of the party will receive free gifts. The free gifts cost money. All those commissions and free gifts are paid for in the high prices of the products.
          E-cloth has very high labor standards and requirements and participates in the Ethical Trading Initiative. I’m sure Norwex meets similar standards but you’ll have to google that info.


  29. sally home maker says:

    Great review. Does e-cloth make clips for the mop like Norwex? Or do the norwex clips fit the ee-cloth mop?


    • Hi Sally Home Maker – do you mean the clips that you can stick on the mop base to hold a cloth onto it instead of the mop pad? If so, no, e-cloth doesn’t have those. The e-cloth & Norwex mop bases are almost identical but I don’t have the clips so I can’t be sure if they’d fit or not. Sorry.


  30. Suzy says:

    Hi, I found this very interesting, I have used both the e cloths and the Norwex and like them both. I just wanted to say that e cloth do do some body products, they have a make up remover pad and glove, which I use and love. http://vps.e-cloth.com/products/see-the-whole-range/


    • Hi Suzy. Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately we North Americans don’t have access to the e-cloth body products yet. Hopefully we will in the near future though as I’ve heard a lot of really good things about them!


  31. Shannon says:

    Hmm. I just had a Norwex party (and am about to load up on Norwex products some free, some I’m buying – I have terrible skin issues that chemicals exacerbate). I’ve read through some of the reviews, but I’m not quite sold on e-cloths. (I think I would have awarded points differently LOL – you have Norwex 1/2 a point for the ball and I would have given 1 to 2 points for that alone!). Plus, Norwex has the mini-mop which is the perfect size for my house (my consultant isn’t a fan of the superior dry mop, but prefers just the regular to sweep up). Maybe at some point I’ll try out an e-cloth just to compare (although I noticed that much of what I’m opting for from Norwex isn’t yet available as an e-cloth – like the body cloths and paste…it seems to be *just* the cloths). I do have to say, I adore the Norwex toothbrush. It’s held up its claims (my husband suffers from horrible canker sores and…well not so much anymore).


    • Hi Shannon. I’m sure you’ll love your Norwex products. They are good. Nothing quite like getting things free (although I always felt guilty about getting them at the expense of my friends) – hope you picked the pricey stuff! 🙂

      For now e-cloth just focuses on the “cleaning” cloths. I have had plenty of people ask about body care cloths too so we can only hope that if enough people ask, e-cloth will listen. The makeup removal cloths were my best selling item when I was a Norwex consultant.

      If you ever do try e-cloth, I’ll be interested to hear your review. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. (and don’t you dare buy it from anyone but me, hee hee!)


  32. Pingback: e-cloth ® Rated Best Microfiber Cloth & Mop by REAL SIMPLE & Featured on the Today Show! | Cleanin' Up

  33. Lisa says:

    oh- ok! Yes, I see that now. Thanks for the review…. it was very helpful.


  34. Lisa says:

    Thank you for this review…but are you not biased since you are selling ecloths??


    • Lisa – actually, when I did the review, I was selling Norwex! And I pride myself on giving HONEST reviews. If you scan through some of my past reviews, you’ll see both good and bad ones for Norwex, even though I was selling it.


  35. Jessica says:

    Hello – I am trying to decide between the two mops & was wondering if the mop pads are interchangeable between the mop bases (does the ecloth dry pad attach to the norwex mop base?) I love that the ecloth dry mop pad picks up the larger pieces – but love the antibac properties of the Norwex wet mop pad!!! Thanks!


    • Jessica – GREAT question. Since I own both, I’ve got my e-cloth mop upstairs and my Norwex mop downstairs. I wash all my microfiber together and then take some upstairs and leave some downstairs. I’m frequently putting the e-cloth mop pads on the Norwex mop and vice versa. So to answer your question, YES, the e-cloth dry and wet pads will fit/attach onto a Norwex mop and the Norwex pads will fit on the e-cloth mop. If you’re in the states, we’re now offering FREE SHIPPING to the Continental US. Flat rates to Canada (I’m trying to negotiate free shipping to Canada but I think it’s a while coming). http://www.eclothUSA.com


  36. greenhomemaker says:

    Thank you very much for this detailed review and for posting the photos. I think your honesty in reviewing and awarding points to a competitor’s product deserves real kudos. Sounds like both the N-mop and the E-mop are excellent. For me it would come down to dollars if they really are that comparable in performance. That’s a HUGE price difference! Wonder why so much more money for Norwex?


    • Greenhomemaker – thanks for the comment and the “kudos”. Of course I know why the Norwex mop is so expensive. But if I told you, I’d have to kill you (queue the dooms day “dun-dun-dun” music)… or recruit you ;o)



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