Norwex Versus E-cloth – How does e-cloth compare?

Well, sometimes you just have to take one for the team. I get a lot of questions and comments here about Norwex products. Some are good, some are bad. Lately, I’ve been getting question after question about e-cloth and how it compares to Norwex.

The main comment is “I like the idea of Norwex products but I see e-cloth for sale online for much less and it’s claiming to do the same thing. How does e-cloth compare to Norwex?”

So… I took one for the Norwex team here folks. About a month ago, a big box of e-cloth products arrived at my door. If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that we have no closets in our house and space is at a premium so a big box of cloths and mops is NOT what I needed. But my adoring fans (that’s you – hee hee) need to know how e-cloth compares.

Now remember, I’m at home all day with 2 small kids – a 3 year old, and an 8 month old – so my computer time is limited and I’m going to have to keep this short today. But… over the next few weeks, I’m going to provide a series of posts that compare e-cloth to Norwex microfiber cloths. Please let me know if there’s a particular cloth or cleaning task that you’d like to see a comparison for and I’ll add my review ASAP.

Today, I’ll leave you with this little teaser and let you know that I was mighty impressed by e-cloth. As a Norwex Consultant, I can tell  you that this was disappointing. I’ll admit that I wanted to see e-cloth fail. But it didn’t.

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10 Responses to Norwex Versus E-cloth – How does e-cloth compare?

  1. Emily says:

    Hello! So I understand you have used both Norwex and E-cloth for awhile now. From what I have read, it seems both companies have different products that are better than the others. For example, I read the Norwex dusting mitt does a better job than E-cloth’s, but E-cloth’s oven cleaning towel was better than Norwex’s Enviro Cloth alone. If you had to pick a few items from each company that trump the other companies products, what would they be? Please let me know if you have a few thoughts on it or if you do a blog post about it!


  2. Jo says:

    Could someone out there advise where I could purchase the E-cloth Universal stone paste in Australia. Thanks in advance 🙂


  3. ZeitouneMP says:

    Hi! I was wondering if the ecloth has polypropylene in it and if it is recyclable after it is really old?


    • Hi – most e-cloths are a blend of polyamide and polyester. The dusting cloth and dust mop map are 100% polyester. When they’re old, you can take them to thrift stores like Salvation Army or Value Village. I believe they have a program where any fabric/textile items that can’t be re-sold are given to textile recyclers.


  4. forabetterearth says:

    Hi, just found this wonderful blog! I had been researching about Norwex products and happened upon this blog, so the information on here is all very helpful! ( Although now I have to decide between Norwex and e-cloth! )

    One question I have — what are the Norwex and e-cloth microfiber cloths made of? Both of them tout that the fibers are of high-quality; however, it’s difficult to find information on the exact materials used for the fibers. On e-cloth’s site (, it does mention 80% polyester/ 20% polyamide. Is this the case for all of their cleaning cloths? For Norwex, I haven’t found any information regarding this.

    Any information you could provide would be helpful.

    The reason why I’m interested in this information — I just want to make sure that these products that I may be using on a daily basis is safe (i.e. no harmful chemicals leaching from it, etc.) Perhaps a bit anal, but chemical sensitivity has taught me to be cautious!


    • Hi – thanks for the question. Yes, most of the e-cloths are a 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide mix. EXCEPT the dusting cloth and dust mop pad, which are 100% polyester (this has to do with the electrical charge of dust and polyamide repelling dust – see my ecloth dusting cloth review for more info). Norwex cloths are also a mixture of these two fibers although I think they’re 70%/30% mix.

      Personally, I’ve decided to stay away from the cloths that have the silver in them (most Norwex cloths and the Professional e-cloth) as the manufacturing process is an added strain on the environment and they don’t clean any better than the cloths without the silver. The silver just aids in the killing of bacteria picked up by the cloth – please see my post on how the silver works in microfiber cloths.

      Hope this helps.


  5. missclean says:

    I bought some norwex stuff a few years ago and liked it a lot. I wanted more but I couldn’t afford it. A friend of mine was using e-cloth so I thought I’d give it a try. I really like it. It feels a bit different from Norwex but it’s plush and it cleans really well. I’d definitely recommend e-cloth. It’s way cheaper but just as good as norwex.



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