Cloth Diapers – Basking in the Sun

There are a lot of things I like about using cloth diapers – like saving money, the huge baby butts, the lack of diaper rashes and chemicals next to baby’s bum… I could go on. But nothing quite beats the laundering.

Think I’m joking? Well, laugh if you will. I don’t know what it is, but I love the whole process – loading into the washing machine, hanging to dry, putting away. It’s almost therapeutic.

And a day like today is PERFECT. Or at least as good as it gets in Cambridge in March.

Cloth diapers hanging out in the sun

A bit of our cloth diaper stash hanging in the sun. Who cares if it's -20?

It’s the first really sunny day we’ve had this year, which means I can finally put the diaps out for a little sunning and fresh air. During the winter, we’re forced to hang our diapers to dry in our dank, dark, creepy basement.

Today’s load consisted of some pretty colourful FuzziBunz, some FuzziBunz wannabes made by someone locally, and a bunch of wipes I made from an old flannel sheet.

So a warm welcome back Mr. Sun. We have a few stains that have been waiting for you!

Mind you, it was -20 degrees Celsius with the windchill this morning but that’s nothing my little butt covers can’t handle.

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6 Responses to Cloth Diapers – Basking in the Sun

  1. Valda Hathaway says:

    I love this pic too! I have around 20 of the same adjustable cloth diapers with small and large inserts from a smoke free home and have always been hung dry. They still seem barely used after two children 🙂 Would you recommend a re-selling price for my diapers? Thanks so much!


    • Hey Valda – I have no idea what a good selling price would be. It seems to depend heavily on where you’re located and the demand. You could look at something like (although I find a lot of the prices on there higher than what I’d pay). Or craigslist or kijiji for your area. That should give you a good idea. Also good to know the current “new” price for the diapers you have. So if they’re an older model, they may be on clearance new at some stores and that will impact what you can sell them for. Locally, where I am, $8-$12 for a fuzzibunz would be a good price. I’ve sold several for $14 but mine are 5 years old now (but still in great condition) so I’m thinking more along the lines of $9 and maybe $5-7 for any that need new elastic.


  2. Sarah says:

    Is it okay if I use this CD pic as the profile pic for a CD group on facebook?


    • Sarah – thanks so much for ASKING! Do you have your facebook page set up already? Can you send me a link? Sure go ahead and us it. If you can link back to my blog somehow or provide acknowledgement of where it came from it would be much appreciated.


  3. Carrie says:

    Um, another crazy mama that LOVES washing and hanging the diapers. I almost (and this is a VERY BIG ALMOST) feel sad to see them ditching those diapers in favour of the potty ;-).



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