Norwex Cleaning Paste Review – It’s Magic!

Norwex Cleaning Paste Review

Norwex Cleaning Paste – A little goes a long, long, long way

5 Stars for the Norwex Cleaning Paste


A little goes a long, long, long way. Just a dab will clean your double kitchen sink. A couple of dabs will clean your bathtub. And this Paste cleans up the tough, baked on and stained stuff that your other cleaners left behind.

I purchased a tub of the Norwex Cleaning Paste a year ago and have used maybe a quarter of it. It’s not because I don’t use it frequently – I do – it’s because this stuff is magic! A little dab is all you need for tough jobs.

Personally, I like to use a ecloth Washing Up Pad with the Cleaning Paste. Some people use an Enviro cloth but I find that the darned microfiber is just too good. It sucks up the paste, deep into the fibers and doesn’t let go. So Washing Up Pad it is for me.


  • the kitchen sink (stainless steel)
  • the stove top – to get the stuck, baked-on gunk
  • the tub (porcelain) – it works great on soap scum
  • the inside of the window on the door of the oven (I could use it to clean the entire oven, but the Norwex Oven & Grill Cleaner is much easier – see my review. I just occasionally use the paste on the window so I can see in)
  • stainless steel pots
  • pyrex glass casserole dishes – especially burned on food and those brown grease spots
  • the kitchen countertop (laminate) – it’s great for removing tea/coffee cup ring stains, fruit stains, permanent ink, etc.
  • the inside of the microwave (if there’s cooked-on splatter)
  • sticky stuff on the fridge shelves
  • the dog dishes (stainless steel)
  • stained tea mugs
  • bathroom sink (porcelain)
  • rust stains (particularly in my kitchen sink)
  • chrome on our vehicle


Norwex Cleaning Paste is safe, environmentally friendly, poison-free, acid-free and phosphate-free.

Ingredients: marble flour, chalk, natural soap, traces of coconut oil. That’s it!

Note: Norwex Cleaning Paste is slightly abrasive and therefore is NOT recommended for use on acrylic surfaces, brushed stainless steel, brushed nickel or enamel or ceramic flat stove top surfaces.

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32 Responses to Norwex Cleaning Paste Review – It’s Magic!

  1. skilover says:

    Hi, Kate,

    The link at the beginning of your blog for the “e-cloth cleaning up pad” sends me to an empty page. Don’t know if it’s my computer somehow, but when I inspect the text of the full link it seems to be trying to reach the washing up pad. I can find a cleaning pad and I can find a washing up pad, but I can’t find a cleaning up pad. Could you let me know which product you were linking to? I just placed another order with you today. Your blog and product info are both fantastic. With a family of six, I am soooooo soooooo very glad cleaning is easier now!


  2. Laura says:

    Our 20-year-old laminate countertops are looking very splotchy and dull. Today I used the cleaning paste (which I usually love!) with an Envirocloth on a section of it, and it looks terrible! Even duller and very smeary! What can I do? Did it damage my countertop?


    • I have 3 thoughts, Laura: (1) the paste will leave a residue behind so hopefully that will wipe off with a bit of water and a cloth. (2) If you’ve used any sort of chemical cleanser/polish on your counter, the cleaning paste and enviro cloth will pick up some but not all of it on the first cleaning. That can leave a very dull and streaky finish and it may require 2-5 cleanings with the paste/cloth to get it all up (3) hoping this isn’t the issue but, the Norwex paste is slightly abrasive and may have scratched your counter.

      Fingers crossed it’s just (1) or (2). Let me know!

      Universal Stone is an alternative to the norwex paste which is completely nonabrasive and very effective at removing chemical cleansers/polishes from surfaces.


  3. Sheila Buchberger says:

    can you use a ‘regular’ dishcloth with the cleaning paste or do you have to use a norwex cloth?


    • Sheila – you can use anything with the paste. Actually, I recommend NOT using a microfiber (Norwex or otherwise) with it because the microfiber holds onto the paste too much (i.e., the paste is in the cloth instead of cleaning the surface).


  4. Grace says:

    What is a good option for cleaning an acrylic tub that has jets? I have used the spirisponge and hot water and tubbed very gently, but it does leave tiny scratches (but so does anything I use on that tub except a plain washcloth…). Any ideas?


    • Grace, have you tried just using the e-cloth Cleaning Pad or Bathroom cloth? These are both microfiber that won’t scratch but are far better cleaners than a typical cotton cloth. A regular wiping with either of those will keep your tub spotless. If you’ve got hard water or soap scum build up, I would suggest spraying the tub with vinegar (or a mix of vinegar and water) and letting that sit for a few moments then wipe. The Universal Stone is a very effective cleanser that won’t scratch the tub, if you’re looking for something beyond a cloth.


  5. Georgia wilcox says:

    Will the cleaning paste work on water spots on my outside windows


    • Georgia – personally, I’ve had mixed results with the Cleaning Paste on water spots. I’ve tried it around my sink and on drinking glasses with no luck but have had luck in my shower. Have you tried spraying vinegar on the spots? That might help and then once they’re gone you can just do general upkeep with your ecloths or Norwex cloths.


  6. Anon says:

    Have you tried Zielensky Universal Stone cleaner? Everything I have read has it being AMAZING, on everything from mirrors to leather to carpet. I want to see how it compares to the Norwex cleaning paste….


    • Hi Anon – yes I have tried the Universal Stone and can tell you that it’s a great cleanser! I’ve been meaning to do a review but just haven’t been able to find the time.
      Here are a few things I’ve found the Universal Stone to work well on:
      1) polishing silver
      2) cleaning stains off kitchen counter
      kitchen sink
      3) stovetop
      4) tub/shower
      5) glass shower doors – it didnt’ take the hard water marks off but it cleans the glass beautifully and leaves the glycerine “protection” on it so water just beads on it afterwards
      6) stainless appliances – like the glass shower doors, the glycerine left behind gives the stainless steel a beautiful sheen and protects against fingerprints
      7) microwave
      8) lots more that I just can’t think of right now

      I tried it inside my oven but did not find it effective.

      There are a few differences between the Universal Stone and the Norwex Cleaning Paste:

      1) the Universal Stone is completely non-abrasive so you can use it on everything. You have to be careful with the Norwex paste in some instances as it is mildly abrasive
      2) to me the Norwex paste seems more like a “scourer”. It doesn’t really get sudsy and is pretty effective at removing built up gunk on the stove and in the oven. It will also remove hard water stains. The Universal Stone is more of a cleanser. It is also a solid, but it foams up really nicely once dampened
      3) I like the Universal Stone more than the Norwex Paste in my kitchen sink. I especially like the layer of glycerine that it leaves behind. My sink has never looked so nice and I like the way it makes the water bead on it afterwards. Also, I did a couple of little tests where I cleaned the sink with Norwex paste then followed up immediately afterwards with the Universal Stone and Vice Versa. When I cleaned it first with the Norwex Paste and then followed up with the Universal Stone, the sponge came away dirty. That didn’t happen when I cleaned with Universal Stone first
      4) The Norwex Paste is better for hard water stains and inside the oven (although you’d never want to clean your entire oven with it – lots of elbow grease required!)
      5) I definitely would not use the Norwex Paste to clean silver or any other soft metals. You also have to be careful with it on stainless steel

      hope this helps!


  7. AGray says:

    Have you ever tried the Shaklee version of Cleaning Paste? It’s called Scour Off. It works every bit as well as Norwex’s product and it’s about 9 bucks. It doesn’t scratch, either. Shaklee also has plant-based dryer sheets for the folks who aren’t prepared to make the jump from fabric softener to dryer balls. They also work like a hot damn.


    • AGray – thanks for the info. I have not tried the Shaklee Paste but have a friend – whose opinion I respect greatly when it comes to all things cleaning – who also finds it fantastic. Only complaint she has is the colour 😉


  8. Sheila Prince says:

    Can the paste be used on fiberglass shower/tubs?


    • Sheila – you should put that question directly to a Norwex Consultant as I’m not sure what Norwex’s current stand on that is. Sorry.


      • Mary says:

        I just went to a Norwex party and the consultant told two of us with bad glass shower enclosures that it can be used on the glass! I am a bit apprehensive due to the comment about abrasiveness above.


        • Hi Mary – the Norwex Cleaning Paste is one of those things that you should test on a small area first. I’ve used it on my glass shower doors without any problem. When I was a Norwex Consultant, the advise was to not use it on any of the items I listed in my “note” above. You could ask your Norwex consultant if the list has been revised from that over the past few years. Get her to actually check with the “tech” people at Norwex. It will do an amazing job at cleaning the glass though.


          • Jeri says:

            They are using it on shower glass doors now. My upline thought their shower was frosted glass for 5 years until she used it on her doors a few months ago and discovered they are clear glass!


    • Jeri says:

      I’m just researching Norwex items and thought I would chime in. My friend just demo’d it here at our home and we used it on our fiberglass tub/shower walls. It is awesome! No scraches and it even took off some Liquid Nails from when our house was built 8 years ago!


      • Sheila says:

        Thanks Jeri for the comment. So it got your fiberglass tub/shower cleaner? But are you absolutely sure that it didn’t take off some surface so that it will be prone to accumulating more dirt than before? I would so love to use this cause over the years the bottom of the shower/tub that is pebbly just doesn’t look as clean as the rest. We do clean it every week so it’s not as though it’s way dirty–I just can’t get that floor as clean looking as I’d like. Keep me posted please!! Thanks.


        • Jeri says:

          I went to check again just to make sure. The finish is still perfect, no scratches. Remember, he just lightly scrubbed it with the spirisponge and cleaners. We just signed our contract today and are putting in our order. Can’t wait to get our stuff in!


        • Tam says:

          Hi Sheila! I have the same kind of tub/shower with pebbly floor. I found that if I use the Norwex Blue Diamond diluted and the Norwex pink bathroom mitt, I can get those pebbles clean. I spray it and leave it for about five minutes, then I take a shower and put the bathroom mitt on my foot and scrub while I shower. 😉 It’s easy to “put your whole weight” into the scrubbing at the worst spots then. 😀 Good Luck!


  9. Elizabeth says:

    What product should I use to clean brushed stainless steel appliances? The paste, a Norwex cloth or something else?


    • Hi Elizabeth. e-cloth has a great microfiber pack for cleaning stainless steel appliances. One cloth is for cleaning and has non-scratch scrubbers on one side for sticky stuff. The second cloth is for polishing after you’ve cleaned.

      There are a couple of important things to know about cleaning your stainless steel appliances:
      1) Most appliances have a warranty that is voided if you use some types of sprays/polishes to clean them so check your warranty (the e-cloth is fine since it’s just microfiber and water)
      2) If you’ve used a commercial spray in the past to clean them or get rid of fingerprints/smudges, those sprays leave a buildup that will take a bit of elbow grease to remove

      Looking at point #2 above, if you’re wanting to use the e-cloth (or Norwex) microfiber cloths and have used a spray in the past, the first time(s) you use the microfiber, you’ll notice the cloth really drags across the surface and you’ll see some pretty nasty streaking on your appliances. The dragging is the microfiber picking up the old layers of polish and the streaks are where some polish has been left behind.

      So, it’s important to get rid of all the old polish if you want a real streak-free finish. I’ve had luck with a few things but again – please not your appliance warranty conditions and test on a small area before you do the whole thing.
      1) you can try dish soap and water with the scrubby side of the e-cloth stainless steel cloth (it’s non-scratch)
      2) you can try a paste made of baking soda and water with the e-cloth stainless steel cloth – rub with the grain of the steel and PLEASE test on an inconspicuous area first as baking soda can be slightly abrasive.
      3) you can try the Norwex Paste (this is a pricey option and I haven’t found it to be any more effective than baking soda). Same rules apply for testing on an inconspicuous area and rubbing with the grain.

      Once you’ve gotten rid of the layers of spray/polish, maintaining a spotless and streak-free finish on your stainless steel appliances will be incredibly easy with the Stainless Steel Pack.

      I hope this helps.


  10. Sara says:

    Im so disappointed in the cleaning paste . It WILL NOT get the baked on grease off my stovetop like the rep said. What a complete waste of $$$. Such a disappointment ….


    • Hi Sara – I’m really sorry to hear that you’re disappointed with the cleaning paste – especially on your stovetop. I’ve been very happy with it on my stove and in my oven – although admittedly it sometimes takes some elbow grease. All Norwex products have a 60 day money back guarantee so if you’re really unhappy with it, I would suggest that you contact the rep that you bought it from ASAP to get your money back.

      But… before you do that, you could try cleaning your sinks, bathtub, counters (especially laminate), pots, etc. with it. It’s a wonderful cleanser!

      And for your stovetop – if you’ve got some really stubborn gunk, have you tried baking soda and vinegar? The bubbly action sometimes lifts what other cleansers leave behind.

      I hope this is of some help.


      • Jeri says:

        Kate, I know this is from a long time ago, but our glass top stove has really stubborn rings of “stuff” on it.. The cleaning paste helped but didn’t quite do it. My friend/upline and I tried a squirt of the oven & grill cleaner and that finished it off. No scratches, no damage, it’s like new!


        • Thanks Jeri! That reminds me that a friend of mine uses it for her stovetop almost constantly! I thought it was an expensive way to clean her stovetop but she loves it so who am I to argue!


          • Jeri says:

            I did my first demo the other night and just used the cleaning paste and a wet spirisponge and with very little elbow grease, it came right off. This not part that had been treated with the grill cleaner. Love this stuff!


  11. Ursula Schwarz says:

    I would like to know if I can use Cleaning paste on my Granite Countertop.


    • Hi Ursula, sorry it’s taken me so long to respond here. I’ve been busy with a new baby and our power was out for several days after we were hit by a tornado! Anyway, the Cleaning paste is slightly abrasive and may scratch the finish on your granite countertop so I would avoid using it there or use it sparingly.I hope this helps! Kate



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