30 Days of the Norwex Enviro Cloth – DAY 27 – GLASS FIREPLACE/WOODSTOVE DOORS

UPDATE: March 23, 2012

After much consideration – and months of in-home testing and scrutinizing – I am convinced that e-cloth® offers a product that is equal in quality and performance to Norwex but is more reasonably priced. As such, I have resigned as a Norwex Consultant. I still stand behind my review of the Norwex Enviro Cloth, but the e-cloth® General Purpose Cloth (and the new e-cloth® Antibacterial Cloth) performs just as well – and is of equally high quality – at a fraction of the price.

We had a fire in our fireplace yesterday but it was a little difficult to fully enjoy it given that the glass doors were BLACK with at least a year’s worth of soot and creosote.

If you have glass doors on your fireplace, you already know that Windex doesn’t work to remove soot or creosote.

We have a special spray that will clean the soot off the glass, but I usually use paper towel with that and am never happy with the streaks or lint that it leaves behind. Plus its expensive and I can’t stand the smell.

So this morning, I got out my Enviro Cloth. And guess what. The glass is sparkling and 100% clean. With only water. And I didn’t have to scrub. Just gentle wiping in a circular motion. It took about a minute and a half.

Our camera is in the shop, otherwise I’d provide a photo here because the results were astounding.

For an absolutely streak-free fireplace glass door, you may want to consider the e-cloth glass and polishing cloth.

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2 Responses to 30 Days of the Norwex Enviro Cloth – DAY 27 – GLASS FIREPLACE/WOODSTOVE DOORS

  1. Nicholena says:

    I did this just the other day, and now I’m mad that the soot will not come out of the Cloth! Did yours come clean?


    • Nicholena – this was so long ago that I can’t remember the full details but… me being me, I’m quite certain I would have immediately soaked my cloth in hot water after cleaning the soot. I do not recall it being stained afterwards. I just recently relegated that cloth to the “garage/shed” for outdoor cleaning. Not because it was stained, just because I needed a cloth out there and it was my oldest cloth. It was dinghy looking though. I’m not really answering your question, but I can say that the cloth does not have any obvious soot staining on it now, but it’s years later.

      One key to keeping Norwex and e-cloths stain-free is to rinse them in hot, hot water – and agitate the water – immediately after the stain appears. This type of microfiber needs heat and agitation to rinse gunk out.

      You mentioned on Facebook that you had tried boiling and laundering without success. I’m not sure if this will work for you or not but you could try putting them in a sink full of boiling water (or in a pot to boil). Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of vinegar and then slowly add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of baking soda. The combo of heat, and fizzy bubbles may lift more of the stain out.



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