30 Days of the Norwex Enviro Cloth

Norwex Enviro Cloth

The Norwex Enviro Cloth - Cleans EVERYTHING!

e-cloth General Purpose Cloth

The e-cloth® General Purpose Cloth - Cleans Everything just as well at A FRACTION OF THE PRICE.

UPDATE: March 23, 2012

After much consideration – and months of in-home testing and scrutinizing – I am convinced that e-cloth® offers a product that is equal in quality and performance to Norwex but is more reasonably priced. I still stand behind my review of the Norwex Enviro Cloth, but the e-cloth® General Purpose Cloth (and the new e-cloth® Antibacterial Cloth) performs just as well – and is of equally high quality – at a fraction of the price. My 30 Days of the Enviro Cloth posts can all be applied to the e-cloth® General Purpose Cloth.

Just to prove how versatile this cloth is (and in an effort to clean some often overlooked things around my house) I’m going to clean something with it every day for 30 days. Stay tuned.

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4 Responses to 30 Days of the Norwex Enviro Cloth

  1. Chrissy says:

    Hi Kate,

    I have recently embarked upon a journey into the wonderful world of microfiber cleaning. I find the comparisons between Norwex and E-cloth very helpful as those brands seem to be the best options. I have been searching for a comparison between the Norwex Enviro-wand and the E-cloth cleaning and dusting wand. They seem similar yet different enough that I’m having a hard time determining which would suit me better. For example, can you wet the Enviro-wand? I’m guessing not. Is the E-cloth wand thinner and able to reach into smaller spaces? And what the deal with the knobbly chenille stuff anyway? What’s the point of it? Is it just as good or better than flat microfiber?

    I love your posts! They’re a lovely mix of humour and information. Could you point me to a comparison of the wands? Or possibly even do one yourself?

    Thanks for all the effort you put into these matters. Rest assured they are useful and appreciated!


    • Hi Chrissy – it has taken me so long to get back to you that you likely made your own decision by now. I took a break from the blog while we were living in Japan and I’m just now getting back into it. Firstly, I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t really use the dusting wand very often. I only have the ecloth one so can’t compare it to the Norwex one. I find it awkward to use on ceiling lights but it’s good for corners along the ceiling… but then the very tip of it gets used and the rest of the length of it is kind of useless. The only place that I use it regularly is to reach down into the lint area of my dryer and under appliances. As for the dangly chenille (which is what is on the Norwex one)… I’m not sold on it. I have a pet glove that has that on it. I tried dusting with it and it worked well but as I moved the glove around the dangly things bounced around so much that dust fell off. You can use both the ecloth and Norwex wands damp.
      Please let me know if you ended up getting one. And again, really very sorry for how long it took me to respond.


  2. Renee says:

    Hey again!! Sorry I’m doubling up on comments in 1 day but I have one more questions.
    So, what should I buy!? Haha I saw on your site there are all these different kits, but I want whatever is the simplest option that will keep things easily clean.

    I was thinking…
    *Several general purpose cloths
    *bathroom cleaning pad + bathroom cloth

    What am I missing?
    Do I also need a duster or is just as simple to use the general purpose cloth dry for dusting?
    Can I use the mop dry pad on my walls to remove dust build up?

    We have a small house which means less to clean. I could see one day wanting the special duster if I had a bunch of high ceilings/ blinds/ built in shelves, but our house is so small I don’t think I need it for now.

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    • Renee – I would start with General Purpose cloths and then if you find they’re not dusting well enough, try one of the dusting products. I love the Generals, because you can use them for almost everything. We still have some of the 2 for 1’s left which would be your cheapest option if colour is not an issue. Otherwise the Starter Pack is a good option because it also comes with a Glass & Polishing cloth which you’ll likely need at some point.

      For bathroom cleaning, you may want to look at either the Bathroom Starter Pack or Total Bathroom Cleaning Set. These offer a savings over purchasing items individually and you can use any of the cloths in either set, anywhere in the house (so if there’s one you don’t need for the bathroom, you can use it somewhere else). Note that the mop in the Total Bathroom set is the mini mop – so the base is smaller than our Deep Clean mop, but if your house is small than that may not be an issue.

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