Rain Barrels – Who’s Crazy Now?

For those of you that read my previous post on rain barrels and the prevalence of crazy ladies in my neighbourhood, I’m offering two updates:

  1. We’ve had a number of very large rainfall events and I have no doubt that Crazy Lady now has at least 3 inches of water in her rain barrel. You Go Crazy Lady, You Go!
  2. The rainfalls we’ve had have been terrific! I mean serious downpours. The kind where water comes rushing down the road, the neighbourhood kids dance half naked in the street, and you sit in the comfort of your covered porch watching the rain and admiring your rain barrels.

Wait now… what the bleeeeeeep…?

Downspout missing rain barrel

Something’s not quite right here…

It takes a big woman to admit that she’s not perfect. Well guess what. I’m not that big. It was Mark, not I, that set up our rain barrels.

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2 Responses to Rain Barrels – Who’s Crazy Now?

  1. Cloth Diaper Guru says:

    We are planning to do some rain barrels in the next couple of years. My hubby has a nice plan for one that involves the downspout going into the rain barrel, a secondary downspout for when the barrel gets too full, and a screen to keep bugs from making our backyard into a mosquito nesting ground! I’m excited! Your post was so funny, thanks for sharing!


    • Cloth Diaper Guru – thanks for the comment. I LOVE the rain barrels. We save a lot of money on water through the summer. Plus, we have one set up right beside our compost bin so when I take the compost bucket out from the kitchen, I dump it in the bin, then rinse it out with rain water (and add a little water to the bin). I HATE bringing the stinky bits of compost that stick to the bucket back into the house so that little barrel beside the compost bin is great. Good luck with yours.
      Oh, and if you’re into making your own soap at all, the rain barrel water is great for that.



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