Norwex All Purpose Kitchen Cloth Review: Cloth VS Bacon Fat

Stop thinking and just buy one!  You'll love it!



This cloth is amazing! It picks up grease like nobody’s business and will clean your icky oven, sticky stove top, caked high chair, microwave explosions, grease-splattered cupboards and dried up dog drool with ease! Stop buying paper towel and invest in one of these instead.


Disclaimer:  if you are vegetarian or a non-bacon eater, I apologize for the following… but you’ll still LOVE this cloth, so just skip to the next section below

I cooked bacon the other day.  Oh sweet, savory, salty bacon, how I love thee!

Had to pause there a minute.  I haven’t eaten lunch yet today and the thought of bacon had me daydreaming.

So I cooked the pack of bacon in batches of 6 slices and drained the fat into a bowl in between batches.  I have a little gravy spoon that I use to scoop the liquid fat out into the bowl.  As the bacon fries, the spoon rests in the bowl.  Well of course that’s an accident waiting to happen.

During batch number three, the spatula hit the spoon and the bowl tipped and about a quarter cup of grease spilled onto the stove top.

Enter the Norwex All Purpose Kitchen Cloth.

all purpose kitchen cloth picks up grease and cleans your oven and kitchen in minutes

The super-duper-grease-picker-upper and oven-cleaning-star!

The official Norwex catalogue says to use it only with water and that it’s great for cleaning up grease so I thought I’d put it to the test.  I wet the cloth and wiped my stove top.


I’m serious.  With the single wipe of the wet cloth, I cleaned the grease and the stove top was squeaky clean. My old-fashioned method would have been to use 3 or 4 paper towels then a soapy cloth.

Yay, I cleaned my stove AND saved the environment (well, small steps, right?).

This called for a celebration.  A baconation.  Several pieces quickly devoured.


  • it cleans the inside of your microwave – I cleaned dried up lasagna explosion from the inside of my microwave with only the damp cloth in less than a minute.
  • it cleans sticky gunked-up high chairs – the all purpose kitchen cloth picks up any loose pieces of food and is a bit more “scrubby” than the enviro cloth so it’s better at wiping up dried up mushy food like sweet potato and banana. The waffle weave makes it easy to shake food bits out.
  • it’s an oven cleaning MIRACLE – used with the Norwex Oven Cleaner (another 5-star product – see my review) I wiped my very dirty oven clean in less than 8 minutes! NO paper towels were needed – I simply wet the all purpose kitchen cloth and wiped.  The dark color hides the dirt and after a washing, my cloth looks like new.
  • it’s my new favourite bike cleaner – with only water, I can get all the mud and grime off no-problemo (and again, the dark colour hides the stains)
  • it’s great at cleaning up grease splatter from walls and cupboards


  • the All Purpose Kitchen Cloth is microfiber with a waffle weave with no “plushness”.  It dries more quickly, has a more scrubby texture (but is not at all abrasive) and in my opinion is far better at picking up grease than the enviro cloth.  It hides stains and that’s why I use it for my grimier jobs.
  • The All Purpose Kitchen Cloth does NOT contain the antibac silver agent and doesn’t pick up bacteria as effectively as the Enviro cloth so for some items, like high chairs and counters, I usually give a final wipe with my Enviro cloth.


  • it is amazing at picking up grease
  • only water is needed
  • it is great for wiping up food bits and flour – the waffle weave picks up stuff but allows you to shake it off easily
  • it’s very absorbent and soaks up a lot
  • you can use it instead of paper towel to sop up spills or clean messes
  • the dark colour hides stains so you can clean your worst messes (including the inside of your oven) without worrying about “ruining” your cloth
  • 60 day satisfaction guarantee and 2 year warranty


  • it’s not antibac so it may start to smell more quickly than the Enviro cloth.

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16 Responses to Norwex All Purpose Kitchen Cloth Review: Cloth VS Bacon Fat

  1. Leah says:

    I’m confused. Once you have wiped up bacon fat or nasty black grease, how are you supposed to clean it out of the cloth itself? Isn’t it bad to have grease go down your drain or in your washer?


  2. Glenda says:

    I have enjoyed reading all your information on the e cloth and Norwex cloths and it has been so very helpful. I have the general purpose e cloth that I am using in the kitchen for the granite counter tops because I needed something that would be antibacterial without using harsh chemicals. I would like to know if any of the e cloths or Norwex cloths could be used to actually wash dishes. (I didn’t care for the washing up pad). Currently I am using the Mabu (or Duzi) cloths that have been lab tested to rinse 99.99% free to wash the dishes. They work well but I would like to eliminate so many different cloths in the kitchen.

    Thank you so much.


    • Hi Glenda. A lot of people use the General Purpose cloth for doing dishes which is fine, but I have two warnings about that: (1) Make sure to rinse it really well afterwards to make sure all the soap is out and (2) I wouldn’t use the same cloth for dishes and general kitchen cleaning (i.e., wiping counters, stove, etc.).

      Personally, I’ve found the General Purpose cloth works well for dishes but I find it a bit too big and heavy when saturated.


  3. Jessica N says:

    Hi Kate! I’ve been loving your site tonight! I went to a Norwex party a few days ago and wanted to do a little research to make sure it was worth it. So, since this post is a little old and you’ve since become such a big fan of e-cloths also, is there an e-cloth product that you like as much as this, or would you still recomment purchasing this? Like maybe the Non-scratch Washing Up Pad? There are a few Norwex products I’m still considering purchasing: the Norwex cleaning paste, this kitchen cloth, the kitchen cloth set of 3, bathroom scrub mit, oven & grill cleaner, dryer balls (since I’ve always used dryer sheets and now realize I shouldn’t if I’m going to use microfiber stuff, but I don’t want static, either), and maybe the makeup removal or the body cloths. Do you have any comment on any of these things (for someone who, like you, doesn’t want to spend all that money unless it’s REALLY worth it)? What do you usually use for your microwave and bathtubs? And what about your toilet bowls? Do you still use toilet cleaner and a normal toilet brush for those or do you stick your hand inside and clean them with just water and some type of Norwex or ecloth product? I know that’s a ton of questions. Sorry! I really appreciate you sharing all of your fabulous experience/knowledge on all this stuff, though!


    • Hi Jessica – sorry for the tardy response. It’s a long weekend here, I’ve got company, a husband who’s working 18 hrs/day and 2 sick kids so I’m running behind on my correspondence.

      I just had to retire my All Purpose Kitchen Cloth. I still use it around the house but it’s not very absorbent any more – which is a sign that the microfiber is wearing out. I loved the dark gray color because I used it for some pretty nasty jobs and it always hid the dirt really well. I still really like that cloth but my new favorite is the e-cloth Kitchen cloth. It’s not a waffle-weave like the Norwex All Purpose, it’s more like the Enviro Cloth with a small scrubby bit on one corner. It doesn’t hide the dirt quite as well as the All Purpose one but it cleans my stove, counter and sink really well. I’ve also used it in my fridge and found the scrubby part to come in very handy for getting hardened ketchup etc.

      The Non-scratch washing up pad has taken some getting used to for me because I don’t typically use a sponge to do my dishes. But I’ve come to like it. It does a great job on glasses but is good for roasting pans too. And I love it for cleaning in and around my sink. I also like that I can launder it. I had a couple of the Norwex Spirisponges which I liked but the silver coating on the fibers gradually wore off as we used them, which made me worried that it was getting on my dishes and we would end up ingesting it.

      You’ll see somewhere here that I love the Norwex Paste. I’ve had my little tub of it for over 2 years and still have plenty left. That being said, I likely won’t buy it again, just because of the price. I’ve found baking soda (and sometimes vinegar) to be just as effective for what I use it for. Mostly I’m liking the paste these days because of the convenience of it. Although last week I finally got around to putting some baking soda in a jar and punching holes in the lid and that has worked really well for me. But then a friend of mine – whose opinion I trust – mentioned that the Shaklee paste is just as good if you can get past the awful pink color. I haven’t tried it personally.

      I don’t have the Norwex Kitchen Cloth or set of 3. I never understood those kitchen cloths. You’re not supposed to use them for dishes (because they’re antibac and the soap can clog the silver). I believe they’re very good at picking up bacteria but don’t know how they compare to the Enviro Cloth other than they’re cheaper and plusher but less dense.

      I like the bathroom mitt – although I wish both sides were microfiber because I just never use the scrubby side. I also like the e-cloth bathroom pack but it’s not a mitt, which would be nice ;o). If you want a mitt, you’ll have to go with Norwex but the e-cloth works just as well.

      The Norwex Oven & Grill cleaner is another product I really like (have you seen my review?). But again, now that I’m not a consultant I can’t really afford it so I likely won’t buy it again. I’ll have to find some other option. One thing that I’ve been meaning to add to my review is that my husband and I had absolutely no luck with it on our gas BBQ. We tried a few times but for some reason it didn’t make that job any easier than our usual method of a lot of elbow grease and some soapy water.

      I have absolutely no experience with the dryer balls and opinions seem to range from “they’re amazing” to “they don’t do anything”. So I can’t help you there. but I do have 2 points: (1) you’ll want the static for your microfiber cloths and (2) when our first son was born, we switched to Charlie’s soap for our laundry. Somehow, even in the dead of winter, our static problem has essentially vanished. Even when we wash and dry a load of fleece jackets. It has really amazed me. I don’t know if it’s the lack of filler in the detergent or what but we don’t use any softener.

      I have heard MANY good things about the makeup removal cloths (and if you can stand to wait a couple of months, I’ve heard reliable rumors that e-cloth will be getting something similar in the fall. They’ve been available in Europe for a while). People use them for every day face washing. I have some of the body cloths that I use on my boys’ hands and faces. They’re good for little wipe ups but can be VERY drying on the skin and really should only be used a couple of times a week.

      I use the e-cloth General Purpose cloth, Kitchen Cloth and bathroom cloth for my every day cleaning. If my bathroom cloth is dirty, I just use the General Purpose cloth. The only difference is that the bathroom cloth is a bit more plush so perhaps better if you’ve got lots of grout. Mostly I recommend that first time buyers consider the e-cloth Starter Pack because it’s got 4 General Purpose cloths (one for bathroom, kitchen, rest of house and an extra for when others are being laundered) and a Glass & Polishing cloth. Really you can clean everything with the General Purpose e-cloth – although I prefer the dusting cloths for actual dusting. The Starter Pack is great and then if you feel you need something a bit more specialized (like more plush or something with a scrubber), you can look at some of the packs. If you’re in the States, shipping is free so really you’ve got nothing to lose.

      Toilet bowls – I still have some of the Norwex Sanira liquid. I like it because I’m just not into sticking my hand into the toilet bowl, which is semi-ridiculous since we use cloth diapers on our 1 year old and I’m constantly dunking diapers in there to get the pasty poop off. The problem with only buying the refill is that the packaging is a bit awkward to store as it’s essentially just a bag with a cone on the top and once you clip a hole in the cone, you’ve got to keep it upright somehow. I wish they would package it in a spray bottle or something. And if I had to do it over again, I most definitely would NOT buy the brush. I’ll probably look into others options before I buy another Sanira refill as I’m sure there are other good products locally available. I usually wipe the seat, under the bowl, the rim and the tank with my e-cloth as a last thing before I finish the bathroom.

      I hope I’ve been of some help here. I totally understand how you feel. You’re exactly where I was after going to an Enjo party several years ago. I went without my wallet and then spent days on the internet trying to find information on Enjo and Norwex. Only there wasn’t any. Just the corporate info and a few sites by consultants.

      I’ll be interested to hear what you buy or pass on so please keep me posted.


    • Kyra says:

      I realize my comment is coming way past the time of your original post, but I have been using the dryer balls for a bit over a week, and they do absolutely nothing. They haven’t reduced my drying time for even one minute. And, the leave my clothes full of static. I’ve been told that if there’s static, I’m drying too long. But, if I reduced my drying time, my clothes would be wet. I’m sending them back.


      • Kyra – this is interesting to me since I don’t own the balls and I get people asking me almost weekly about them. I should add a post just to put the question out there and see how people respond. I keep meaning to make some of the wool ones to try them but… sigh… haven’t gotten around to it yet.


        • Kyra says:

          I’ve attempted to make wool ones, but I can’t find any wool. I’ve been to every craft and fabric store here. The people look at me like I’m on crack. My uncle’s a sheep farmer, so I might just have to get some from him 😉
          My Norwex consultant is coming by sometime this week to pick up my dryer balls and provide a refund. I tried to not have to go through her for a couple of reasons, but Norwex makes it IMPOSSIBLE. The girl I talked to on the phone was clueless. Plus, they wanted me to return their defective product at my cost. That irritated me greatly. So, from my experience, I can’t say they are a great company. It’s not my fault their product doesn’t live up to their claims.
          Anyway…if you post the question about the dryer balls, I will add my feedback there 🙂


          • Can’t find wool. Isn’t that crazy! We have it locally at Michael’s but it’s pricey. So I generally buy online. I’ve gotten some really good deals at and their shipping rates in the US are reasonable. For dryer balls, I’d just get the cheapest wool they have. BUT… makes sure it’s not SuperWash or “washable”. You want something that will shrink/felt.

            While I was typing this, I thought: “there’s got to be a cheaper way!” And then I thought “What about dryer balls from old sweaters”.

            And BINGO! I did a quick search for “dryer balls from old sweaters” and found a few sites. Here’s one with a description and I’m definitely going to try something similar because I’ve got a trunk full of old felted wool bits from making diaper covers. Take a look at this link.

            If you can get to Value Village or Salvation Army in the next few weeks, you’ll find old wool sweaters at incredibly cheap prices (they go on sale for $1-$2 this time of year). Again, make sure they’re 100% wool or cashmere or the like and “feltable”.

            I’m on a mission now, I’ve GOT to try this.

            In any case, I’m glad to hear that you’ve finally got a solution to your Norwex ones. I’ll post the dryer ball question soon. Are you “subscribed” to my blog? That way you’ll get a notice when it goes up and I WILL appreciate your feedback for sure!


        • Kyra says:

          Our Michael’s acted like like I was crazy for thinking they’d have such a thing.
          Thanks for your tips. I’ll check into them. When you first said to use old sweaters I was like “I can destroy one of my sweaters…” DUH! I didn’t even think about trying a thrift store.
          My Norwex consultant has dropped off the face of this earth. She said she’d be by last week to pick them up. I haven’t seen or heard from her. NEVER AGAIN!
          I’ll be sure to subscribe.


          • Kyra – if you get to this project before I do, please let me know how it works. It’s on my “to-do” list but… you know… little boys get in the way. Although they’d probably enjoy working on them with me. Hmmm, maybe I know what we’re doing this weekend. But probably not 😉


          • Kyra says:

            I certainly will let you know 🙂
            ~And I’m finally freed of my non-working dryer balls. She showed up last night.


          • Well hip-hip-hurray! Glad to see she finally got around to you.


  4. Helen says:

    I agree totally. I only heard about Norwex a couple of months ago and cannot say a bad word about their products, the Grease Cloth is one of my favourites. It cleaned our camping BBQ with just a little water, my husband was amazed and I love it for wiping out my oven especially after a roast, so easy to use…thank you Norwex for a brilliant product with no ‘fumes’…


  5. Kerry says:

    Funny you should say how well it picks up grease. In Australia, it’s actually called the Norwex Grease Cloth! It really is an incredibly effective cloth. Because they’re such a nice neutral color, I often use mine as everyday cloths.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Pam Collins says:

    Enjoyed your “grease cloth” story! I agree – I LOVE using this cloth. It took a nasty black grease stain (from the back of my vehicle) off of my favorite pair of capri jeans!



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