Norwex Spray Bottle Review – C’mon, REALLY?

Norwex 1 star rating

Only 1 Star for the Norwex Spray Bottle

Norwex spray bottleTo be honest, I don’t know what to say about this thing.  It’s a spray bottle.  I have one.  I didn’t buy it, it came as a part of my consultant starter kit.

$6.99 for a spray bottle?!?  You gotta be kidding.

Let see:

  • does it spray? yes.
  • does it spray better than the spray bottle I got at the dollar store for, you guessed it, a dollar?  NO
  • is it made of gold? NO
  • does it feel any better quality than my $1 bottle?  NO, they’re both plastic.
  • is it a nice size? yes.
  • is it handy? yes.
  • is it worth $6.99?  Absolutely NOT!

You can buy the spray bottle on its own (if you’re crazy), or as a part of the “car package”, which includes:

  1. a small antibac enviro cloth
  2. an optic cloth
  3. a car cloth
  4. a spray bottle

The car pack is $56.99.  If you were to buy these things separately, it would cost you $60.96.  So the money you save by purchasing the “pack” doesn’t even cover the spray bottle.

Need a spray bottle?  Do yourself a favour and hit your local dollar store.

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4 Responses to Norwex Spray Bottle Review – C’mon, REALLY?

  1. Kyra says:

    I thought this, too. I have a ton of them in my house that came with Windex in them. So, I can wash one of those out and use it.


  2. bugnhop says:

    I also really love the Norwex spray bottle! At first, I admit I thought- what the heck?? However, let me just say that 1. its quality- not junk from the typical dollar store 2. it has the PERFECT spray setting for different needs (spraying the floor to mop, misting plants lightly, spraying a mix of laundy pre-treatment, and spraying down the kiddos hair to be fixed, etc…) would everyone buy it? Probably not. But if they want QUALITY, then YES. I have gone through countless spray bottles whose nozzles ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS break. Could the Norwex spray nozzle break? absolutely- anything can. But, THEY WILL REPLACE IT!
    Again, quality. Warranty. Service. Norwex wins every time 🙂


  3. Elaina Hunt says:

    I agree this product is overpriced, yet not all spray bottles are the same. I absolutely hate buying the cheap ones and then the nozzle doesn’t work. The bottle itself is great because it fits in my hand so nicely. All together, it is not a product I will rave about to my customers, but I am not disappointed in the quality, so I won’t bash it either. I’m a new consultant and I love the notion of your site! Thanks so much for your honest insights.


    • Hi Elaina – thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree, the Norwex bottle does spray nicely, but interestingly, the nozzle on mine broke within a year and the nice small one I bought from the dollar store years ago is still going strong. All the best with your new Norwex venture!



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