It’s that time of year again:  the time when I get to thank you for reading my blog and for all the great comments and tips you leave here.

Thank you!

Now is your chance to save big on everything e-cloth®.  20% off everything at

friends and family sale at

What’s on Sale?

Almost every darn thing!

Yes, that includes:

  1. all the great e-cloth cleaning cloths
  2. the Deep Clean Mop and the new Flexi-Edge Floor & Wall Duster (I haven’t done a review yet but I do have all my first thoughts about the flexi-duster here)
  3. the entire e-body line (these make great holiday gifts!)
  4. the pet products (if you have a dog, the grooming mitt is pure luxury!)
  5. all the e-auto products

What’s Not on Sale?

The sale applies to everything except items already on sale and the big bundles (because those are priced so darned low already!)

How Do I Get to the Sale?

Shop as usual at and then at checkout,  enter this Coupon Code: KATESFRIEND

WHEN is the Sale?

The Friends & Family Sale runs from today (Nov. 14) until Nov. 17, 2014.

As always, if you have ANY questions about ANY products, please do not hesitate to ask me.  I use them daily and I absolutely love helping you decide which products will work best for you.